Deeply Awake: A Conscious & A Channeled Message Invitation To Heal Self In Joy And In Company By Kathy Vik 5-20-16

So, here it is. A lifetime of effort and change, encapsulated in two short videos explaining what it is you might be appreciating in me that has changed, and to offer assistance to those who intuit that this might be someone who could answer a few questions, and ease a way that is, perhaps, difficult, confusing, seemingly without end.

A short video explaining the healing process I have experienced, and how I am helping others now, a call out to those who want to know more and begin their own healing experience.

An amplification of the services and excitement which my guides feel, and an explanation as to why the work has evolved as it did. Additionally, it’s so easy to tell they are exuberant and happy to assist others, as am I.

This is how you set up contact:

You may contact me for personal, confidential and profound one to one attention, available to you with an exchange of energy, after which the work, the fun and the magic begins! Leave me a message on this site, or email me at, or TEXT me at 720-271-1273. I do not accept phone calls from clients. Please use the many other ways available to reach out, and then DO THAT!

It is my job to spread this love and joy and wisdom, in groups, and individually. I am ready to return to healing in a brand new way, and I invite you to suspend your disbelief and ask for that which you need.

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