Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Homecoming By Kathy Vik 5-17-16

An amazing transmission, starting with approx 25 minutes of me talking about the things going on leading to questions which required, today, a “high channel” about my identity, my source, my worth and my deepest concerns, and my most closely held happiness.

Having just reviewed the message, well, Melissa and I know just how powerful and true the energy runs when my talking is slowed down so significantly, and I still have a headache that is nearly blinding.

And yet, it is the “punchline”, as I have often called it, it is the meaning, the purpose, the message within this transmission that I am reeling from now. I know it to be true. And I am without all words but these:

I am home. I am one. I am complete, and forever standing in love, reverence, honor, recognition and thanksgiving for my family, and their time released gift.


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