Reprint: The Farm Girl And The Spider

THE GROUP – 5-17-13


We greet you and are once again overjoyed in assisting you and yours.

You saw a singular light, and a mechanism, and then nothing. We told you to be still, and to breathe. There are things of which you have been unaware, and this is represented by the black sky you saw all around you. You are still putting things together, and this amnesia still has you, and this is the duality within you that we love and ask you to cherish.

It is a heart of humility, melded through triumph of will. You are aware you need not struggle, and that which is a struggle is not in alignment.

We have a short message for the others. We understand there is much to accomplish this day for you all, and so we come in with one gift, and it Is a very nice one for all for you.


What a lovely way to put it.

This is actually a day of some homecoming and celebration. Your brothers and sisters are quite close. You see them as that singular light, and you sense anticipation.

We wish to discuss this disclosure subject, one which all of you find somewhat to obsessively fascinating, and there are very good reasons for your fascination.

We wish to assist you in regulating your vehicle by noticing two tones. There is a tone which is struck, and a sensation you experience now, when you encounter fear, resistance, trouble.  And have you begun to notice, when things just feel very very good, and right, and true, there is also a tone?

We caution you to understand that all senses are co-mingled. A tone may feel like a color or or you get a picture or a flavor or an odor, but if you are honest, below it all, is a tone for these feeling states. Practice this, yes?

You are all spinning quite brightly. Consider a cotton candy machine. What would happen if the machine is on, full bore, and a spider in the middle of weaving its web, just suddenly falls into the cotton candy? Imagine if there are ten, twenty or more spiders and their beautiful sticky webs now, swirling and spinning, in the cotton candy ribbons being made with movement and sugar and heat?

What would a cotton candy serving from that machine look like, feel like, taste like?

You see, imagine this one great light, singular in purpose, singular in worth, singular in awareness, and imagine that this light, though it looks like regular light to you, imagine that it spins.

And within it were many many little spider nests, and spiders squirting out their webbing material, willy nilly.

If this spinning light is small, or it is sluggish, or it is dim, then you can imagine that the light it will emanate will be a filmy one, and it might move, all on its own accord, sometimes unpredictably! It will even have shadows wriggling within it! Quite a sight! It might even look a little scary, would it not?

And as the light’s amplitude, its force, its spin, as these increase, and the strength from the center from which it swirls gains momentum gets to spinning in just the right way, what happens then to the webs, to the stickiness,  to the film?

It spins off.

It burns off.

The light, the source of the cotton candy ribbons, is so pure, so clean and so insistently true, that no webs get squirted, and those that do become wildly irrelevant, BUT VERY BEAUTIFUL!

In fact, dear one, this light contains multitudinous spider webs! It is the webs, those little spiders you are afraid of and the webs that so creep you out, it is the very strands from them that cause the light to shimmer in such fantastic ways! See the oranges! The pinks! The blues! The light, love, is white. The webs cause the beauty, the prism, the explanation of the light to be given to itself by something it had initially been frightened of. Think of the cleverness and the joy in discovering THAT little nugget!!!

This is how things are now.

Do not be frightened, and do not worry about the webs which entangle your understanding.

Do not believe for a moment that the same tangle you have always been in is the one which entangles you now.

Once, on a dirt floor, a little discarded child, in a barn, looked at a spider web, getting away from the madness of the grown ups, a little girl saw a spider web, and she was not sacred to approach the fat spider, doing its work so diligently.

The little girl, there on the dirt, listening to the horse chuff and the chickens cluck, she saw how it is that a web is made of just one thing, and yet it is not the thing from which it is made. The web, the little girl knew, was a  miracle, and the spider a clever sort. The spider understood that it is more than itself, and can use itself to prove its belief, its knowing. It spreads part of itself out, and then it sits in its knowledge. It does what it has to do. The little girl saw a few dried linty sacs hanging from this web, and she knew that the spider had caught, and killed, and eaten other bugs. That fat spider, right there, ate other bugs alive, in their little death sacs. A shiver ran down her, as she sat alone in that barn, thinking on this thing she’d encountered.

Seeing the broken sacs of other insects hanging from this web, the little girl was reminded that being here means that others have things they want to do to you that might not be the greatest, and it’s not a bad idea to be careful, and to stay away from traps.

The little girl grew hungry and lonely, there on the barn’s floor, and the sun was now telling her that her belly could have food, because the others had decided everyone could now have it be time for dinner.

She walked to the farmhouse and sat with her family.

Her father asked her how her day was, and if she learned anything.

The little girl, did she, do you think, did she share her knowledge? Did she eat her vegetables quietly and politely state that she had fun? Did she sit and eat her peas thinking she was a very smart girl, or a carzy girl, or a happy girl?

What do you think of her?

This, loved ones, is the issue at hand.

This is why we have come.

To assist all of you in being the little girl at the table who can tell her family, her loving family, in simple terms, just what it meant for her heart and her mind to sit and talk to a spider.

Are you in a home which allows this?

We speak now metaphorically of course.

It matters not if your biological family even asks you this question. It matters not.

What matters is, will you bring your childlike wonder and your gratitude to the table, and in the simple words of a child, can you express your gratitude for your understanding, to your impatient farmer father, your distracted, adulterous farmer mother, and your bully of a brother? Can you? Can you sit there and sing a little song of wonder, over your tuna casserole?

And have you made yours a home where little dusty girls who are on fire with the love of a bug can enthusiastically and without fear or shame chime out her discoveries?

Have you?

Because these archetypes you still invite to every meal, you know that, do you not? There they sit, all of them, in your awareness, at every meal, in every moment.

What do you imagine your family, inside your head, is like? Do eo know of your discoveries? Do they praise your creativity and awe? Do they love you and see you through soft, indulgent, loving eyes?

We ask each of you to think on these things with great care and reverence.

How will you speak to yourself today?

This light, coming toward you, this pure and clean and white light, some interpret it as space ships, and brotherhoods of ET’s,  and for them it is more than true. The universe is a creative one, and it is expansive in its willingness to create!

This light is coming into your hearts, brothers and sisters, and it is a homecoming of extraordinary proportions.

It will not overwhelm you unless you give it permission to do so, and it will back off as long as you wish, whenever you say the word. But it is here, and coming ever closer, and this is good.

We ask that you assume the posture of a child deep in the throes of wonder. This is a nice place to dwell, and it will help to burn off the cobwebs which are obscuring your vision at present.

The light is there, and you need not be frightened of it. We know it is more than you have consciously felt this lifetime, but , loves, we leave you with this understanding.

If you are having any such experiences, or if you are finding that no matter how hard you try, things are just not coming together, that is to be expected. How could you expect anything less?

You have been functioning in much integrity and much authority for quite some time, and you like to trick yourselves into thinking you are small, but we can be honest upon this page and we will tell you that each of you knows in a very intimate, organic, cellular way, your magnificence. It is far too grand to squeeze into this construct! But it is a reality. And it is yours. It’s the source of all of this, the source of the very paper or electronic device you read this with.

And as such, we ask for you to assume a more appropriate persona, or visage, or mantle or whatsoever you wish to call it.

Consider today walking as a shaman, just for toddy.

Shamans know all about spiders and webs and lights and such. They wear colorful hats and get to eat psychedelics, and they are pretty groovy, although quite challenging to be around. They are folks go to when there is trouble, but also when there is celebration, joy, milestones and big events!

These shamans that you are becoming, no longer need they be abstracted. That was a defense, and a necessary one. No more.

This light you carry, that comes ever closer, it is home, it is family, it is us, and we are as here as we are on our way. Do you see?

And could you end this with this thought?

Those who are coming, those of the light, those who know how to transmute twenty spider nests into sheer delight and color and beauty?

They are you.

It is as simple and as complex and as lovely as that.

Now, go out and love everyone, and everything, in any way you can.

Love them any way.

And yourselves first. Be a fat farmer, today and every day.

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