Reprint Channeling From Yeshua Ben Yeshua, originally dictated 5-14-13

The Group 5-14-13
Channeled by KATHY VIK

Yes we are your friends as you so surmised and we are here to help. You may call us anything you wish but we prefer no names, no recognized names, as this is a bit of a blood sport, your channeling these days, and we do not wish to interfere with the message by painting a pretty face of something which is far grander than can be described in the word “pretty.” Ben Yeshua is of course riding along, but this is an amalgam energy, and is more enjoyable when appreciated as such.


Yeshua ben Yeshua

This distance you feel, the desert and the two thousand years, these are constructs only

I am with you my friend, my child, my love, my daughter. I love you and rejoice in your calling on me.

I am as you once were and as you are now becoming.

I had similar experiences, especially while in Egypt. The knowledge, the tests, they change in context but never, really, in magnitude or significance. You have these tests now using other devices, you have no pyramids to cone the energy, and there are no sites you all access daily, as in the old times,  that are said to be the navels or mouths of this earth. You will, but in the meantime let it be said that these are devices as well. They are to remind you of your own pyramidal nature, your own inner quest, your own symmetry, your own grandeur.

Many of these mysteries look flimsy and frail from the back end. They are anything but, walking into them.

There are those who are having their time with swirling demons, temptations, tests and breakthroughs, as did I. These are not little things, and anyone in distress is on a sainted mission. The bed of nails they lie on nightly is of their own design, the intolerance bubbling into their mouths, self-inflicted. Self appointed. Self appointed, all.

You know not to think twice about many of the things others are consumed by, and that is just fine, for you are consumed by other matters, and that is all. You each are walking fires, conflagrations, as this light is manifested within your living DNA. You are on fire, and your fascinations change, you desires and goals and interests may also change, just as the flame in a campfire leaps and dances and sparks.

The fire is not bad or wrong for being big, for leaping and for dancing and for sparking. It is not. The ones around the fire, in the dark, they may see sparks as a sign of coming disaster. A spark riding the breeze in the dark of night around a fire, this spark can, too, be seen as a messenger, a relative of the bonfire, a messenger is right.

A spark can bring down a mighty fortress, you know.

There may be very just reasons for the onlooker’s fear. Perhaps they are remembering other conflagrations they have witnessed, maybe one or two where they themselves went up in the flames, perhaps they recall fires they have themselves set which destroyed a civilization. You do not know who it is who sits with you in the dark, our loves, our loves all.

Fire bad, this is what the constructed creature said. The amalgam, the creation. The creator understood fire was good, and that the creature was functioning with a design flaw.

We just took you on a journey. Yours is not to interpret, not now, with us. Ours is to interpret. Stand back and let us explain.

This construct you participate in so wholeheartedly, it is a game and you saw how it is as one grain of sand on an enormous planet of beaches, your earth,  your light on this earth, seen big, then small, then as a pebble on the beach.

And then, as always, the question must come, if this is so, if I am so small, if I can be aware of myself within a grain of sand, or within a planet, are these things real?

This is a valid question, and one that can only be answered obliquely. What is real is that which sparks an appreciation the love of the all, of self, of The All. Is it a grain of sand? Is it Jupiter? Lying on the beach of the picture we gave you, it is hard to tell, is it not?

And does it really matter? Whether it turns out that this is all occurring for you within the mind of a sleeping giant?

We give you now the image of a blade cutting your skin, but there is no line, no mark, no blood.

Is the knife real? Is the anticipation of what always follows the touch of a blade?

We ask you to relax into the knowledge that as such, there is not one thing you cannot experience, or bar from your experience, here, as you sit in your chair.

We caution you to use the thought “bar from your existence” with extreme caution, for most individuals are still functioning with less knowledge regarding how their emotional and mental fields operate simultaneously to master conscious release. Release, in this energy, is done how Satori channeled, the way you know works. Feel the sickness, own it, and then declare it ever null within your field. Feel it. Bless. It release it. Do not anticipate its return. Simple.

We ask you to consider a bean. It sits in a pot of cold water, all by itself.
It has no idea what will come next for it. It is counter intuitive, to the bean, to be alone in a pot of water. The bean prefers company, and knows that it tastes best when complemented by other beans, its friends.

It sits, it floats, actually, in this vast ocean of salt water, wondering what comes next, until it simply forgets it is in the water at all.

This bean, he is a forgetful but handsome and helpful little fellow.

He floats, and once in a while now, it comes to him that there probably is something more to this thing than floating alone in fluid. Yes, there has to be more. But then the imperative falls away, and the fluid reminds him of a motion he rather enjoys feeling, so he quiets, steadies, and becomes one with the water again.

And so, this goes on, but we will never know exactly how long, because as the bean is floating, something is occurring within its casing.

Unknown to anyone but the hand that placed our friend in the water, this bean was placed in water not to boil, but to germinate.

It forgot, in its suspension, what purpose it could possibly serve. It forgot its identity, forgot it even was a bean, and came to know itself as the water in which it floated, because the water turned out to be quite a pleasurable place to hover, to float, to ride, suspended.

And dark.

We did not mention, dear one, that the lid went back on the pot, as soon as the little bean went plop! into that water.

And now, here is the essence, here is the now within this knowing.

The seed was placed in water to change into something else.

A seed, a bean, it has a purpose, and its purpose is to travel, rest, wait, and transform into something that will be a testament to the bean’s creativity and stealth and absolute, utter connection with divine mind.

From seed to plant? A miracle.

How was it done?

Our bean, our seed, sat in that pot, in the dark, and drifted off, thought good thoughts, did not fret, just allowed things to progress. It trusted the hand that placed it in the water. It trusted the water. And it even trusted the dark.

One day, light came streaming in.

Now, by this time, our little bean had gone a little stir crazy, and needed much love at first, to adjust to the way things turned out being.

The pot’s lid came off. It wasn’t a miraculous angel streaming the light of the spheres to that seedling, although it could have been, and in one sense was. To that cold, wet, sort of lonely bean, it really did feel like the heavens themselves had cracked open and given it a new purpose.

But friend, it was its only purpose. It was a big purpose, and it came in steps.

Do you see now?

The lid came off because the farmer knew it was time for the seed, the bean, to go on to the next thing. Maybe this bean will be a little more delayed or advanced than the others the farmer has handled in the past, but all seeds, all seeds, every last one of them, the farmer smiles as he mutters, as he chants, plucking his little beans out of his little covered pots, all beans will eventually germinate. Some need less dark, some need warmer water, some need music on in the background.

But each bean will transform.

Dear one, do you fancy that you are still in the pot?

Sometimes it seems this way, yes, we highly agree, and are laughing gently with you as you realize the full height of this analogy.

You have been picked up, little tendrils of will coming from your casing. You were planted in the very dirt of Gaia quite a while ago.

You went back to sleep.

But your dreams, they have been fitful, and your sleep goes interrupted now, does it not? Do you dream as you once were?

Is it still pretty dark where you are from time to time?

The earth is dark too, when you are buried in it.

The bean you are has been planted in the ground.

Did you know that dear one? You are already a sapling.

We apologize for this, but the way it works is sometimes a little sudden. It appears to be sudden, we will say.

This is an interesting phenomenon we wish you to know about. It explains critical mass, 100th strawberry/monkey phenomena.

These fields in which you glide, they have capacities, and much like a capacitor or a fuse, there is so much traffic these nodes will allow and no more. This is not to do with deserving or merit. It is physics.

When you reach the limit of your capacitor, something has to happen.

Mechanically, when too much power goes through a grid, there is a function which shuts the whole thing down, stops it. Renders the machine null.

This is not, of course, how body works, but it is an apt analogy for our purposes.

We are inundating you, just inundating you, with holy light. Yes there are peaks, and furrows, and times it is easier to rest,  better times to feel energized.

Within these great waves, certain behaviors are not only counter intuitive, they are highly uncomfortable. We hesitate to use your word, dangerous, and we do not even wish to admonish caution, loved one. No.

Just understand that as you are receiving these gifts, which you asked for just the night before (we are doing special deliveries, you know), that certain mood states and certain thoughts will not be readily available to you in the midst of these waves of light.

It is no accident you were canceled for work. Check with the others. Many of them had their clocks stopped, and very odd happenings abound. You are correct to know that these massive changes were requested by your collective, and have been stepped up phenomenally.

You are in the middle of a wave. We take care of our own. Expect two card readings in the very near future. You will make up your loss of income. No, hold no fear. Do not regress. Do not regress.

We urge you and all your friends to hold the happy heart of a child in play. You are not to worry or fret, not to wonder where your next meal is coming or if you will be able to afford the trips you must make, that your heart tells you must be done.

It is not a childlike attribute to get new information and then to cower.

It is what you did as a child in front of angry,unpredictable, unstable grown ups.

It is a silly affectation and we urge you to drop it.

It is new information. Stand tall and proud in the midst of it. If it resonates with your very being, own this information, live it, embody it. If there is no resonance, walk on. Glimpsing it will not harm you. Judging it, well, it is best to know it you are holding judgment with new information, this is the function of your higher ego mind. Use proper focus. Be clear. Then proceed  with joy and gratitude and ABANDON! SMILE!

Why are you here, my love?

Why are you here?

Is it to be famous?

Is it to be in sexual partnership  with someone who also embodies divine love?

Is it to be able to walk into a room and finally, one day, feel nothing but good will from everyone you encounter?

This is a dream of yours, a frimly held one, this last, and we tell you that Quan Yin’s boddhistava energy is at work here. This makes your heart feel as if everything makes sense. And until the last human on earth is confronted with a difficult situation, and does his work gladly, you will remain, You must. You know the plan is a simple one. Therefore , it is a sure one. And it is a complex one, must be. Macro/micro. Above/below. Within/without.

Nothing you taste. Nothing you touch. Nothing you smell this day is anything less than a pure and direct emanation from your God to you.

When the last soul understands this, you are free.

And we know you will hold no true soul satisfaction until that day comes.

Understand that today is indeed that day, our beloved.


Feel the truth in this.

Today is the day you are released from your duty, dear one, ancient one, old and tired one.

We wish you to have this gift. Your heart is a full one, and you need this to manage as a physical human, knowing certain things as you do, and not others.

There is no one here who wishes you any harm.

The ones you meet, have met, and will meet, have an obligation to you. Some of these obligations are what you would call lesson, still, but you have found your lessons to now be have the breath of poetry and you understand now dear one that even in the midst of pain so bad you must return into a bathroom and weep, release the fear, release the sadness, you are standing taller and you own your very own ancient truths in brand new ways.

What do you want?

Yes, with this question comes the unspoken one, the more important one.

Who are “you”, and which “you” wants what, and what is the best thing for all of your “you’s”.

Only someone ]in ascension status would even know the sense this sentence speaks with. It appears as gibberish to the uninitiated.

Now do you see, these myths that the truth is buried within the obvious, it is no myth at all, not at all, not at all.

We find it pleasing that there are many still who do not know of this madness you carry, and we are pleased to see you work this out for others, as this is a barbed path.

What do you want?

Who is asking?

Consider asking yourself this question prior to petitioning the heavens for a dispensation. This does not imply you do not have help, dear one. It implies that you are far more capable, mature and clever than you give yourself credit for.

You know of this place, the place the brave ones go, where you look around and wonder to yourself if you have permission to be doing this or that. Thinking a thought. Doing a little thing which brings you peace or joy.

We invite you to inhabit that place every moment of every day of the rest of your life.

If you have someone’s permission, you are thinking too small, living too small, not owning the reality and the beauty and the power around you, coming through you, informing you and instructing the very matter confounding you to bend in a way which confounds.

Oh my loving creature, my soul, my friend.

You do not understand as yet your true worth and your power, and this is as it should be.

You were once admonished to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as lambs, and this time has not yet passed from the earth, although it is appreciably different than when you were originally urged to say that. And the lamb thing has been distinctly perverted, but the admonishment stands, it is true and square and right.

There are, among you, many people who do not understand their role in their own lives.

This is not a bad thing and not a good thing. It is the nature of this reality, and the nature, the very fabric, of your reality, is changing. You can feel it. Your friends know of it. And everyone you encounter, even your cats, sense it.

Those without words for it, they become frantic.

Do you remember as an infant and a toddler, how very very angry your son was? Do you recall being frightened of his anger, when he was wee, a little two year old.

You sensed his rage.

He could not break through, was not being understood, could not make his physical vehicle do as he wished, and was still unclear with how to work the controls, in certain ways, and so, he as angry. More angry with you two than with himself, we add.

You were frightened that in his rage he would attempt to or succeed at harming himself and those around him. You were frightened for yourself. You can admit it. There is no shame here.

He was showing you what it is like for those without words, demonstrating  to you for this very time, for what is now occurring.

There are words. There is a library, a library so huge that a physical area cannot contain it. It is multidimensional, available to you with just one thought, but everything you could possibly need to solve any problem, any conflict, any issue, it is all there, in the library, in your DNA, in your awareness.

But if you do not know the language, if you do not believe there is even such a thing, then all you will hear is an increasingly alarming roar in your ears, and you will continue to feel the pressure build up in your heart chakra.

Arrhythmia, high blood pressure, heart attack. Your cardiac issues. These are symptoms of your egoic, your historic death, layers upon layers of old misunderstandings, shed with an electrical discharge, nulled by love, by the energy of love,.

Do not think for one minute you are being worked on. That you are some broken car requiring skilled technicians to make viable.

What a laughable thought.

So mechanistic.

There is truth to what is said, of course, and there are such things as cellular expert “mechanics”, but your interface with them is a divine one, brother to brother, not healer and broken. Discard that thought for all time. It is an ugly one.

We gave you a gift, you deleted it because we told you to not publish it.

You are seeing now that our thoughts do not stick as yours do. This is why you were compelled to write. We have gifted you with imagination and very little memory. This makes writing a necessity for someone who must, must, must, under all circumstances, come to some peace, some quiet, with new thoughts.

This dispensation we gave you which you now do not recall, so be it. It is yours. Like much of your life, it will be part of the weave now. It will present itself. You will state greeting to your old friend, this dispensation, and all will go on. Do you think we will forget about it, if you do?

With a light heart, laughing with you, arms around each other, we leave your field now to be a less conscious part of your day.

Go out, now, and love. If you find you are not among others, love them any way, and love yourself first. Remember our fat farmer vow.

—, The Group 5-14-13 by KATHY VIK

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