Deeply Awake: I Cracked The Code on 5-12-16 By Kathy Vik

Enjoy this reveal. I solved, I do believe, the structure of the Fifth and Sixth Law Of Physics.
Also, it is a call to ask to work with other brainiacs.

One thought on “Deeply Awake: I Cracked The Code on 5-12-16 By Kathy Vik

  1. You know, i was told to forget all of this because what we think we know is so way off mark it is meaningless. The deception is that big and bigger 🙂

    I look up at a nights sky, i see not stars but holes in the spacetime (holographic) fabric, like an old moth eaten pair of curtains 🙂

    Obviously i am not any kind of clever git 🙂 maybe though my words can inspire other thoughts 🙂

    Let me see if i can chuck some bits in the ring which may help and which more likely you can chuck back out again :-)))

    So i don’t read pretty much nothing as per this stuff and think not much more than intuit, and whats more i am likely wrong wrong wrong, but who cares 🙂 and maybe who knows this may help to fire some other thing :-)))

    So you know we are in a hologram yes 🙂 (hey if time is a construct, then spacetime is also a construct, (a holgram) in which case so are planets, suns and everything else inbetween. (least in a 3d sense) actually i am sitting in a distorted holographic matrix field inside the great star of orion, and there is little beneath my feet other than the rest of the field that is underneath me, then maybe some plasma then the suns boundry then whatever is outside of that.

    So i am sitti/floating in this hologram, that once upon a time was nice and pretty and then it got trashed. it was once in 144 (magnetic resonance 1=44=8 (infinity) or 1+1 =3 [IS (IS) X OS (Iris) (iris, eye) = Horus (creation)] with the rest of creation and then it got trashed and became in distortion. A magnetic field of fancy pants plasma that had it’s magnetic flux placed into distortion and became a field of distorted magnetics. One might not get this, but i was the first one that could be picked up on heavens radar whilst imbedded in this holorealm, it happened couple years back. Back then we were bringing the new earth grid onto this realm getting ready for the end of the distortion in this one. All goes once distortion has run smooth 🙂 They always new this, and so tried to plug us into this realm to provide it with false energy, to maintain their position here 🙂 It worked very well, but eventually would have all got sucked into it’s own zero point of whateverness 🙂

    so you likely are aware it got hijacked.

    I believe, for it’s rights and wrongs, that when we incarnate we go through the various transformers and reducers or whatever and we enter our reality through gaia’s heart space (great big ruby ? crystal at center of hologram. Our own teeny weenie crystal beamed (just like startrek) into this reality.

    We also think herein 3d (was) that, what we see is matter, and opposite is antimatter.

    What if when incarnating back into this here distorted little ol realm there is a magnetic flip that flips us inside out, So matter is reverse of what it should be and antimatter is the real reality ?

    I think therefore i am, 3d thoughts therefore are magnetic waves which interact with other magnetic light waves to form atomic structures, the magnetic frequency of the thought interacts with the lightwave and causes a kind of friction on the wave, and hence the wave slows up and forms into atoms and such. The frequency of the thought that captured the wave shapes what/how the atoms will react. That is like will. One cannot force will, it is the result of one’s frequency. Maybe when light is in wave form it is in one reality the reality of creation, soon as one sends magnetic thought into wave it creates density and holes (maybe like black holes) and immediatly rings to a frequency which is described by octaves, music, is one way of feeling it. As sound, as orchestra, a tune or a hum 🙂 Methinks thats when the poping starts, because atom wants to be wave primarily, and especially if it is introduced to a field of distortion so it pops through it’s own central z point, a zillion times a millisecond. Here/gone repeat. All trying to balance it’s energy, it has to go somewhere, so it inverts itself through it’s own space.

    What if there are 2 zero point fields overlapping each other with the vessica pisces in the center ? Is not a sun a portal ? is not a z field a portal ? 🙂 A sun therefore is a zero point field no ? so what then is a black hole ? is it a reflection of us being antimatter, that we see a sun shines and a black hole sucks. Push pull, push pull 🙂 Push pull = pop pop no ?

    I believe, rightly or wrongly, there may be a zero point field at the center of every atom. Not something solid which things rotate around, simply a very small void maybe a bit like a black hole. Will can be seen as in spin rate of atom; slow spin = density fast spin = resonance. Lightspeed as defined by Einstein defines our reality, faster than light pop into new reality ?

    What happens when Gaia’s distortion field losses it’s strength and pops ? spin, spin.

    What happens if Gaia’s alleged magnetic field is not as truly magnetic as one thinks, ? there is electro magnetic, and biomagnetic. One is like artificiallly induced the other is life force. lightning is electro, no ? what happens if that alleged magnetic field is an elctro magnetically induced field (say by a device in the moon for example) then it becomes a field of containment, maybe like a farady type cage ?

    So if i am made of atoms which are mostly black hole type things then mostly i am 🙂 not here 🙂 popping back and forth to wherever my higher attributes place me. My 3d thoughts decide the frequency of the pop this side,and higher self does the rest maybe 🙂

    Free will is a joke in my humble opinion, one either, obeys the commands of creation or one fights them, both ways free will is obliged to follow the commands of the program. : 🙂

    Will is therefore confined by conscious frequency. One can will as much as one wishes, but without the higher spin rate which comes from less density which also in our case comes from less distortion, one’s will will not travel very far. Will therefore is a consequence of consciousness. So more consciousness more free will ? So to attain 3d knowledge one seeks understanding of higher principles and 3d knowledge comes as a free consequence with the attainment of that higher perspective ?

    It is impossible to understand higher dimensional physics with 3d brain, one can learn the minutia of how 3d works, but is no good when one goes home lolol 3d physics don’t work in 5d 🙂

    I awoke in a different timeline night before last and watched it dissolve like computer graphics right before my open eyes,, it was slightly intense 🙂 and it was real, how does what i think i know about any physics compare to that ? it doesn’t. There are no 3d physics for it 🙂

    Ufo’s work real simply, 2 alternating magnetic fields just like merkaba, center opens up to zero point, whoosh in you go :-)) Heart space is zero point. Every atom is zero point ?

    I have explained it (3d) like this before, it’s wrong but do i care ? lolol nope 🙂 ; in 5d i can walk into a lab, there is a sub atomic crystal with all my history embedded in it, which i can take from it’s placeholder in a cup over there, and walk over to the computer that just looks like a wall with a special slot that i can pop my tiny little crystal into and then i am logged into some realities 🙂 pop it back out when i am done lol

    From my own experience, we think, if i solve this puzzle or that crossword i can find powers, solutions, modern 3d Physics kinda works that way, There is no 3d physics for what the heart does though 🙂

    So here we are in this hologram which is no bigger than an atom 🙂 really 🙂 octaves are folds, you go through 8 levels of frequency and negotiate the fold, which is extra tiny like the middle of the hour glass, i can open the giza pyramid, you can too, it’s a sound, a note. hummed 🙂 the sphynx is god, standing close to the pyramid which is the pyramid of the heart, god (creation) always guards the heart 🙂 When we obey and confirm with the laws of creation through our frequency then we open the doors

    Ever notice that egyption pharoahs always seemed painted in red, and that sun disks always looked flat, never rounded. 🙂

    Sparkles !! (purple ones) ha you take the red ray and mingle it with the blue ray and you get purple ray (twin flame)

    Magnetic Blessings for putting you through this never ending 3d drivel of mine Kathy and Co :-))))


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