Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Meditations on Changes Afoot (Or, In The Air, It Seems…) By Kathy Vik 5-11-16

A sort of eerie, slightly menacing energy has been with me all day. The huge alarm that sounded, and then this just weird feeling, ancient, and not at rest; final, and yet, and yet…..

I felt moved to do another channel, after leading me through some thoughts, and then a peaceful, pregnant, meditative feel stole over me, while at the stove. I thought it might be good to document, as a way to be soothed. As stated, it was peaceful and quite in my apartment, hardly what is heard of the first ten or so minutes of this video.

As I watched and listened that very first time, I went from feeling it was simply odd, to understanding something else was indeed afoot. Messages, anyone? Care for some funny anomalies, Dear One?

This video is interesting in that there are both obvious, unedited and raw anomalous sounds and sights. Below is the description riding along with the YouTube video. Please enjoy in good health and humor. ❤

It discusses the death motif in the ascension process, discusses ascension flu, spontaneous combustion, and many other interesting, thought provoking things.

“Odd, eerie howling sounds at first led to this intuitive hit, which was perfect. europe/cerberus-legendary-hell-hound-underworld-003142
Then, glowing though it’s dusk, at 22:19 – 22.34,
42.59 – 43.21 and WOW at 46.07 -pulse at 47. 17, ends at 47.44. ENJOY!”


Here is the live link to the seeming correlating mythology

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