Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Peace’s Vesper 5-8-16

A message from “Them” regarding what you have been witnessing, my process, and the completion of so much.




(ˈvɛs pər)


1. (cap.) the evening star, esp. Venus.
2. Also called ves′per bell`. a bell rung at evening.
3. vespers, (often cap.)

a. a religious service in the late afternoon or evening; the sixth of the seven canonical hours.
c. a part of the Roman Catholic office to be said in the afternoon or evening.
4. Archaic. evening.


5. pertaining to, appearing in, or proper to the evening.
6. of or pertaining to vespers.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: evening, evening star; pl. form < Old French vespres < Medieval Latin vesperae, pl. ofvespera, feminine variant of Latin vesper; c. Greek hésperos; akin to west]

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