Deeply Awake CHANNEL: An Old Soul Speaks By Kathy Vik 5-8-16

First, let’s set the tone. Then we tell you what we have cooked up!!!

Now that you a burning ever so brightly, here is the explanation…

A deep, full and honest meditation on many issues, but what is, in essence, a clarification of energetics and the physics of current consciousness structures on the planet, and the healing that Old Sous have always provided, as family members, how this Kali Yuga energy, especially, has reacted to such light, and how is is overcome, its devices, necessity, and effects on biology, and realities.

And now, our ever so long video. Those who have been following along have an idea of what may very well be contained in our longer messages. We’re just sayin’………..

And now don’t you feel all better? We hope so. To celebrate, revel in and anchor this profound knowledge and SELF recognition, how about a little ditty?! We are just as happy as Christmas over here!!!

Great big love to each this day, even those who only need to ROCK OUT. Go for it, our loves.


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