Deeply Awake CHANNEL: We Swim Away Now Like The Whales By Kathy Vik

A final installation of an activation, an embodiment experience. The voice is modulating, and yet, the meld is evident, and the knowledge is quite astounding. Watch if you feel resonance. Prepare to have your mind a little blown, we would say…
Fair warning is all. Have at it. Enjoy. And, contact me. I’ll be back tomorrow…..

As Kathy, I will say that it was something we agreed would be just so much fun, if tonight, the whales sing me to sleep. I asked if they would let me better understand their language. They’ve shown me a lot about how they communicate, and assisted me in cracking things open, slowly, cooperatively, with harmony and deep love, all the way through. So, for me tonight to say, I know I said, oh of course, Our Beloved to the one excited and happy I get to do it on my bed later tonight, listen to them sing me to sleep, well, I can tell you, I am a little dizzy with anticipation.

I. Am. Home. Y’All.

Oh Happy Day!!!

Don’t ever forget what they told me long ago, in the depths of struggle… They would tell me again and again, when I came to them disheartened with my progress, or with others’ progress….

Dear one, they would say, light always wins over darkness. Always. There is no other way. WE would say, however, that though the victory is assured, you do not win every battle with it. Take heart. All is well. The God that indwells you is well pleased, they would say.

These were my Teachers. I was their student. I simply graduated today, and can run the grids with Them, with Us, with You, with All, in a brand new way tonight.




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