Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Blended Message, The Null Zone Ends 5-5-16

On this day of reflected change and new beginnings, I offer this video to the ones who are drawn to ancient knowledge, those who understand they are one with the whales, those who find themselves humming, involuntarily, and they don’t like to stop because it is soothing for them, now more than ever. The ones who have been more than happy to excuse themselves from discord and strife. Those who don’t really care, in the end, what anyone else does, they know they are doing the right thing. Those who understand high physics and those who don’t care, but those who are restless and maybe a little confused, tossed and turned by life, always hearing something in the air they can’t quite hear, but know is there.

This video explains much about what happened to me on Lookout Mountain, what is going on with me personally, this whole idea of personality integration, and just loads and loads on ascension, what I wish to call embodiment after the healing I am about to go enjoy. I am doing this prior to a reunion, a return of energies long quiet, silently humming, leading every one of us home.

The Crystal Kingdom is kind enough to assist in this final phase, and we publicly thank them for their service and their love, well in advance. Mama assures all that they are well and happy, and their ways are now eased, and we ask you simply allow it. Allow the inductance to wash over those who hear the tones in the grid, and to those who do not, well, that’s ok too.

Those who know will awaken now, and it is intended to be oh so gentle. As the mineral kingdom stands witness and lends high honor and support, there is multidimensional communication, and a general activation, of the Old Ones, The Ancients, The Watchers, The Whales. This occurs, and then they walk around, and through simple magnetic inductance, as we like to say, boop, boop boop, oh my. Well, will you look at that! How easy all of this has become.

It’s like that.

Benevolence, benevolence, benevolence. For all, for all, for all, dear ones ALL.

WE say, those who are drawn, watch. Your hearts will be stilled. Those who do not resonate, you will not be able to tolerate it, it will not be something for you, and we are so glad about it all, because all are loved so dearly, and all are so on purpose, just, So On Purpose, and All are well pleased.

Those who understand know. Those who do not, will not, until all who understand embody. Now is the time. Now is the time. Now is the time.

Live long, in love and peace and deep, deep harmony this day and in all days,


From Kathy, all I have to say is what I know now, in a way that rings in my bones and in my blood. We are each, and we are all, The Beloved, today in all days to come.


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