Deeply Awake CHANNEL: We Love Your Dancing! By Kathy Vik

Such a lovely channel from the Great Mother, about a recital, but first, much discussion of the law of expansion, and its sister, contraction, a very nice explanation of physics, explained by someone who loves us so much, she explains complex things in a way we can apply to daily life.

At a certain point, about half way through, you an begin to hear some music. And, then, it is explained, what the heck is going on, music that is heard through the reminder of the channel.

And, at the end, she asks how these grid changes are affecting those in relationship. Hmm…..

2 thoughts on “Deeply Awake CHANNEL: We Love Your Dancing! By Kathy Vik

  1. Kathy thank you so much for what you are doing. I appreciate not only the content of what you communicate on this site, but your beautiful transparency, vulnerability and honesty. Your videos have moved me tremendously for I have felt very odd, very alone, and at times, as you say, “invalid” in my new wakefulness. You have given me profound comfort. Thank you for finding your way to me. You can’t possibly know who you touch or the good you do..

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    • Thank you so much, Terry. it is an adjustment, and I realize those around me must adust as well, but, with this settling in comes such peace, happiness, knowledge and fun, I think, in the end, it’s all gonna work out ok. Thank you for saying that you see value in my honesty. I know it is not that usual to see such confessional behavior, but it is from attempting to integrate and move forward, so that I can give more and be more celar about it, that any of this work was attempted in the first place. Thank you very much for reaching out. It means a whole lot. ❤


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