Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Explanations and Plans By Kathy Vik 5-2-16

This is a message explaining intention and, I guess, just a little, the underlying root of these intentions. I am so moved by all of this, and am eager for you to feel this lovely presence. My gift to you this day.

Now I go off to frolic, to follow specific instruction, and to welcomed home, more and more and more, by those who see with their hearts.

4 thoughts on “Deeply Awake CHANNEL: Explanations and Plans By Kathy Vik 5-2-16

  1. I’m sure we don’t just want to see ol mag blue’s gravitar only on the the comments tab, but as i enjoy so very very much watching and reading the wonderful things you all say kathy i have little choice but to give in to my compulsion to comment on how much i enjoy, laugh, giggle, and sit here with the biggest silly grin one can imagine :-)))
    Team Grandma flicked your screen !!! lmao such wonderment 🙂
    Thank you a million times over Kathy Vik 🙂 this one has some time on his hands and so he sits and watches and listens and loves every second of it :-))) Grandma wow, she knows and i know she knows, though i know so very little, she reminds me of everything and truly doth make this heart glow. Truly an honour and a privelage to be here and now Kathy Vik. Heartfelt thanks and magnetic Blesssings Of Joy 🙂 Namaste’


    • Old Mag, you are a trendsetter, one of the originals, and I love you for being lit up so, with this great love I feel and know. I have so much to give, and I will keep on doing it, and need this support, oh so very much, so don’t think anything but happy bubbly thoughts as you type out your impressions. I do want to say I want to see your face, and so, want to skype with you. Could you please send me another email and tell me how to seek you out on skype? I think we need to connect, eye to eye, and share our joy of these discoveries, together, family. I am at amissvik@gmail,com. I am highly abstracted, by intent and design, currently, adjusting, adjusting, and so it is hard for me to attend to details well, so plese have patience and please let us connect. I need it, and it sounds like it could be a wonderful reunion. Much love to you this day and all days, in all ways. I love you, old mag. ❤

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      • Oh what fun 🙂 lolol I am honoured by your kind words and deeds Kathy 🙂 Yes in agreement with all said there lol :-))) Have no worries or concerns Kathy :-))) i am as easy going as a kite on a breeze :-)))) well kinda lololol i will go and write you this moment. Oh my ! lololol :-)))

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      • Mail sent 🙂 When you’re ready (and that doesn’t necesarily mean today, unless your comfy with that lololol ) you’ll need to open skype by clicking on the icon and it should log you in automatically 🙂


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