Deeply Awake VIDEO: Encoded For Awakening 4-30-16

After a fever pitch of productivity, I get to rest now. I did indeed receive a reward, the gift of identity, but more, the understanding of what, and who, and where, and from which this identity emanates, how it resonates, what it has to say, and its profundity, its depth, its love and its purpose.

There is always more. And, I know I am not the only one. But I rest tonight, after this final transmission, biologically holding more than I thought I could ever contain, thankful to my core for your willingness to stand witness to what I have always been, what I have always aspired to embody, and that which I now understand I am, that I am, that I am.

Blessings be, now and forevermore, to me, to mine, to you and to yours.

As above, so below. What rides above, and which sings below, what billows through us and is now calling us home in unity, love and high regard, is SO MUCH MORE than I thought possible.

Please enjoy this quick video, and understand that everything was VIDEOTAPED, but, now, I am going to rest, breathe deep, slow down, transcribe, and one by one open the gifts which I understand have arrived. I get to be physical now, to laugh and grow and play in this new knowledge. I am so well pleased!!!

In peace and love, your loved one, who remains forevermore Deeply Awake.

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