Deeply Awake VIDEO: It Is Finished By Kathy Vik 4-29-16

I am complete in a process which began last Monday. This is the final video of process, of reportage. There is a lightening of countenance. A report from a bench I dreamed of and described in my essays, and which I now sit, within a marvelous garden, happy now, at peace.

There were articles I wanted to post along with this, links to information about my origins, my purpose, my signature. Definitions for words I did not know the meaning for, which I have since looked up and found to be far more perfectly structured and nuanced than I would have chosen. However, each link is broken in some weird and unexpected way. The message being clearly stated now: enough, enough, enough. It is finished. Done. Compete.

You see me, at the end, giggly, so fetching, so happy and at peace and on purpose. I am certain you will see the evidence. And I assure you, it is permanent.

Blessings be. I am blessed among men. And now I know why. I now appreciate just who I have been respected and honored enough to have walked with this lifetime. My heart is full of love for you, and for all.


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