Deeply Awake: Reflections On Water VIDEO By Kathy Vik 4-27-16

This is far more lighthearted, just a little fluffy piece on such a magnificently beautiful topic, water. Discussed is interconnectedness, Dr. Emoto’s work,  how to bless your drinking water, and a few other things. A simple introduction…  Enjoy.

One thought on “Deeply Awake: Reflections On Water VIDEO By Kathy Vik 4-27-16

  1. Lovely work 🙂 thank you kathy. I hope you might like this link for Aisha North ~
    Also i have written much regarding organic (sacred) water and the implications of consuming water that has been poisoned, which i think are far more intricate and subtle than is commonly recognised, which can be found on the “organic water” tab on my blog. I am currently in the process of putting together a piece about Calcium Bentonite (vocanic ash) which (among other things) when added to water does some pretty kool things 🙂
    I too bless my water (thank you emoto) by holding it to my heart space and simply stating “i love you water” (Guess who lives just a few miles from flint :-)))) However, my personal experience with blessing my water, even for a powerful magician such as myself came up a tad short (yes belief is a mighty fine thing :-)) on what is required to cleanse the potable water that we have to consume in the flint area :-)))))))
    I hope my comments here add to your fundamental practise involving consuming sacred water Kathy 🙂
    Magnetic Watery Blessings :-)))))


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