Deeply Awake CHANNEL: VIDEO “COHERENCE” By Kathy Vik

This is the eleventh video I have produced since around 8pm yesterday, less than 24 hours ago. I was in a fever pitch state, one I, and my reality, have rarely given myself. But, I was told, prior to this transmission, or shown really, in a very physical, visceral way, that this was highly intentional, them not stepping away in the morning, but instead, urging me, urging me, do this one, do this one, do another one, oh, this feels good, does it not? Do another one… And, on it went.

I appreciate that I have, by doing these, and by writing, peeled off the lid from the channeling, and the awakening, process. To think I possess something that you do not, that is so laughable, so untrue. I liked what they said, in “The 44 and They,” that what my work proves is not divinity or perfection, but instead, simple SKILL. And that I figured it out a millisecond before you? So what…. so what. You are here now, and this video is my finest treasure, a pinnacle of understanding, and of homecoming.

I will say that it is not for all. I have made that abundantly clear, warning folks again and again, if you do not resonate, please, please, just, don’t listen, don’t watch. If it is not for you, it is not for you. My guess is, due to its clarity and insistence, that the opposite is also true. If it is for you, it will be, let’s say, difficult to escape.

Let this, and my body, of work stand as entirely anti-Messianic. Let each find their way, and come to know their god in their own way. I only offer a solution that has been presented to me in a unique and powerful way, an undeniable force in my life, which has come to inform, instruct, guide and heal me.

And so, with that disclaimer, I wash off any remaining guilt about your awakening process, any further responsibility for your experience removed from my awareness. Take what you like. Leave the rest. Blessings to all creatures under Our Great Central Sun.


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