Deeply Awake CHANNEL: “The 44 and ‘Them'” By Kathy Vik 4-26-16

A spontaneous, longer transmission discussing DNA activation, and the assistance now available.
Initially expecting a short message, they became insistent, and it is captured, in a new way, how this essence is communicating and cooperating with me, and with us. As they began wanting to discuss atomic reality, along the 6 minute mark, there was what I would have to call a meld, or a merge. Not a take over, but, I was in an altered state, for which I have no language to explain or describe.

Almost immediately there was something there I could not deny which, as it continued, began referencing me in third person. It felt so good, and I had no sense of what was not be spoken next, only an overpowering awareness that it must be said. I have not yet seen it, and do not remember the transmission, but am aware that it was done, in part, to normalize this experience and assist all in understanding this process more fully, and with less fear.

3 thoughts on “Deeply Awake CHANNEL: “The 44 and ‘Them'” By Kathy Vik 4-26-16

  1. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, dearest Kathy! So much gorgeousness in this that it is hard to comment on. Though, it is the easiest thing in the world to leave this comment; it touches the heart in me. I am touched and moved and the words mean something. They mean something!

    Love is all. I love your sweet rebellious soul.

    Peace be with you!

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    • “I love your sweet, rebellious soul”. Oh, Eva, those words. I’m chuckling, and teary, thinking on them. My sweet sweet rebelliousness. It’s finally ok. To be it. Oh thank you, Eva. Peace… Kathy


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