Deeply Awake: A Note On Your Beauty, And Why I Love You, My Friends By Kathy Vik 4-26-26


I am posting this with a heart full of gladness, for you, for this time, for my work. It expresses better than I the innate beauty and purpose I see in each of us.

Each. Of. Us.

It helps me, this recording.

For those curious, why I do what I do and am as I am, especially after this last change… this recording helps me, and may help you, understand what the heck is going on….

If it is true that there are no accidents, if you choose to listen, you may come to understand why you know me, or are aware of me, and may help you see yourself more clearly, too.

It explains, better than I can, why I love you as I do, my friends. And oh, I do…

I see the beauty of those gathered in this circle. Thank you, each, for restoring me. And, of course, I’m honored to help in my way, too.

(His explanation of akashic entanglement explains this behavior, and life, of mine better than I can, and says the things I wish I could.)

It all gets juicy at 11:00

Thank you.

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