Deeply Awake: Our Star Origins By Kathy Vik VIDEO

A longer video on my, and our, star origins.


One thought on “Deeply Awake: Our Star Origins By Kathy Vik VIDEO

  1. Yeahhhh Mama :-))) Blue beings 🙂 thats we 🙂
    Skype ~ you can offer channelings through skype, and you can chat on skype, mayhap you might not notice the time “alone” so much then :-))) (other channelers earn good money through offering their services via skype especially 🙂
    Being taken lololol you ain’t seen nothin :-))))) (please see my laughter 🙂 ) they took me more times than can be counted , even had the cheeck to take me off a beach in broad daylight :-)) all that is stopped and “history” took me when i was a baby etc bad move on their part :-)) where do we come from ~ everywhere, brothers and sisters everywhere, ask them bout me, ask yourself about me, see me stand tall above the shadows, seek comfort in my strength 🙂 i have been laid so low and stood tall again, over and over again. It is what it is. ask them kathy, see my strength, for it is your strength, for we too are family (first and last is we 🙂
    Yep they mixed up the DNA sought what could not be found 🙂 and rightly they are ascended, i have spoken with them albeit briefly, but they know we and we them :-)))
    <<<< shrugs shoulders :-))))) i know many many of our family, man they struggle, they tender even though they strong tooo :-)) we are not alone kathy. You are from the family of yeshy no ? oh yes, and more way more, but you are not alone 🙂
    Waste of time me telling you for you allready know :-)))) ask them (but dont tell me lolololol who is this brother of magnetic service (no not kryion :-)) he is but one as we are but one as we are but many :-))
    and suredly not alone.
    There is a diamond pyramid where our kind frequent, (and many others too, in our oneness) there is a crystal fountain there,one could say the river of life flows there, in this crystal fountain.There by the fountain is a crystal pedestal whereby there are 2 crystal flutes, (glasses) we can take a cup each and dip it into the liquid light that flows in the fountain and fill our cups 🙂 and we can drink that liquid and fill our cups again if so required and we can come here anytime we wish, just as anybody can 🙂 This is gods house 🙂 and he will be standing there with cosmic brothers and sisters and we can hang out there and chat and replenish and chill etc :-)))
    You wouldn't believe what i have got up to in such pyramids, lololol
    Let me say this to you again kathy iam one half of a twin flame sandy is my other half :-)) <<<thinking, thinking,,,, hmmmmmmmm :-))))) lolololol please see my humour please see my laughter. No more meditating hmmmm :-))))) yes for sure, not needed, :-))))) please only to be smoking organic weed :-))))) tuning innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lololol :-))))))
    no lonely :-))))))))) conversations are all around, skype is only a click awayyyyyyyyyyy :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

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