Deeply Awake: For Eva, In Sweden By Kathy Vik VIDEO

This short video is in response to a moving comment I received on my blog,, this morning. God bless you, my friend, Eva. We are no longer alone. The family is coming back together again.


7 thoughts on “Deeply Awake: For Eva, In Sweden By Kathy Vik VIDEO

  1. Thank you Kathy! What a thing…

    I do not have Facebook. This past year I have taken the final step to cut out almost my whole circle of friends (it was big and most of the time very superficial), and I have shut myself out from social media and also all other media and spent almost all my time in solitude. I just did what I had to do to survive. I was burned out. I was so tired from all the worlds hustle and drama that I could not take it one second more.. It has dawned on me later that I had a deeper purpose in cutting myself off from the world.

    Up until this last fall of 2015, I have endured a lifelong depression. Or so I called it in lack for a better understanding. It wasnt until a while ago I realised that this depression was a well known “spiritual condition”, popularly refered to as Dark night of the Soul in the spiritual world. I guess it lasted my entire life, with different intensity, from my early teens. The past six or so years was the darkest hours of the darkest night. It culminated in august of 2015 when I finally, through a series of events woke up and understood. Ascension was what dawned on me. Love was what dawned on me. Love is coming. I am Love. We are all beautiful pieces of God. We need to love ourselves. It is of the utmost importance that we love ourselves unconditionally, and especially at this point in linear earthtime. Because we are moving up. It is most definitely a rebellious act, to love oneself in this hostile world. And by God am I a rebel.

    What I need to say with all this ranting is, that suddenly I understood my deep need of solitude. I encountered the concept of The Dark Night of The Soul when searching for answers online. The dark night of the Soul. It is a natural or common step in the souls evolution to be forced to solitude prior to awakening. It is part of the journey. And also, after awakening, solitude is still essential to some degree. And I love it. Solitude has become like breathing. I cannot live if I cannot be alone. Throw me out in to the dramas of the world, and I will go under, if I cannot take refuge in the peace my own heart. And yet we are one. Always together. United through our hearts. I am still struggling with understanding this on a deeper level, but I have come to some sort of understanding , to some small degree, in my own little way…

    I remember through the last years of my depression (or rather Dark night of the Soul), I was sometimes thinking about the book of Job in the Bible. I was identifying with Job, and took some comfort in the thought of the words that I remember from reading it in my youth. Nothing big really. Just the occasional flickering thought of it that comforted me sometimes. It helped me think I am not alone in being stripped to the bare bone from all of this lifes comforts. I am not alone in feeling like I live in a hostile world, where it seems I have no place to go. Nowhere to rest my head. I am not alone in feeling the way I feel. I had no idea, at that point how accurate I was in relating to Job…

    Thank you so much Kathy! We are family and we are together in our hearts. It is a wonderful consolation to have your words. Thank you! ❤

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  2. I watched the video again and I think I might have missed one or more points the first time, However in light of your other recent videos I think I now have come to further understanding. I am going to let this sink in, if it means what I think it means ❤ I might just have found what I once upon a time set out looking for…

    I am sorry that sometimes I loose things in translation being Swedish and all…

    Bless you and your tender heart!<3

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  3. Dearest Kathy! I am considering activating my old Facebook-account, or maybe start a new one so I can connect with you if you want. I would love to connect if you would!

    If I add you, I was thinking we could connect for a couple of days maybe, and then I would have to take the account down again, due to the level of stress it causes. So, if I add you, would you accept?


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