A DEEPLY AWAKE Request for Love In Action By Kathy Vik, 4-20-16


A DEEPLY AWAKE Request for Love In Action By Kathy Vik, 4-20-16







A call for Love donations from my readers and viewers, by Kathy Vik/Deeply Awake…

I write to you today, my dear readers and viewers, to request your show of support.

I have been writing for the public, now, for four years. The first two were spent on free sites with those of like minds. In 2014, I got serious, doubled down, and purchased, or, as it turns out, rented, a domain name, http://www.kathyvik.com.

I have always maintained that mine was not to ransom this work, but to release it and let it find an organic audience. This has happened, and http://www.kathyvik.com has experienced phenomenal readership numbers in 2016! To lose momentum now makes me a little heartsick.

I write to you this evening to request that if I have touched your heart, if I have helped to clear your path, your thinking or your worries, if I have helped you breathe easier when things were tough, could you show me, by donating what you can to my endeavors?

I have a PayPal account ready to accept donations, and upon this site’s return, I anticipate having a “donations” button you can push to show your one time or ongoing support.

You may make donations at http://www.PayPal.com; my account is accessed with amissvik@gmail.com.

In or out of the chips, I’ll keep swinging for the fences. I’ll keep writing, and keep publishing. Please keep me on your feeds and in your hearts, as this project, planet and involved people ascend, cooperatively, lovingly and with generosity of spirit, time and resources.

Namaste and thank you.

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