DEEPLY AWAKE ESSAY By Kathy Vik “Evolution of Expression” 4-20-16


Evolution of Expression” 4-20-16



For those who enjoy my written work, I wish to explain what is going on.

I am experiencing a time of adjustment, and I think it bears some discussion, because what is happening on the page is a result of what is occurring internally, changes which I do not believe are specific to me.

I am finding it a beautiful and intoxicating thing, understanding more fully how this merge thing works. I am understanding about how the body is holding this energy better now. Today I was given a tour of my fields, and I came to understand about shells of understanding, shells of consciousness, and how big it is to breach them, how energetically complex all of this is.

I have recently had meditations about how I am put together energetically, how things work, how expansive this all is, and they are, in away, perhaps a bit too dear to whisper out loud, much less write down. They are for me. And, now, I no longer fear “losing” them.

Maybe that’s why the push to write is lessening. I am not as convinced this is going to go away if I do not document it.

I am going to these places, learning this stuff with eyes open and club music pumping around me. I am able to do it on the pot. I am doing it in front of the computer, in front of the camera, and in the company of my son. This morning, while meditating, settling in, with the intention of then writing a channeled piece, so much more came, and it is not time to speak. IT is time to be in thankfulness, in fullness, and in stillness, I think.

I am finding much of what I am receiving that is unlanguageable, yet. It will require living some of it out, and having some of it further explained, through the allegory of experience, or in dreams, or as thought groups I’ll have, along the way.

So, when I channeled in writing today, what came out was, in my opinion, too expository. I am still figuring out how much of me and my experience I am ok with them discussing. And, actually, the more I go into it, the less and less it is. Its not about me anymore. And so, we adjust.

And so, my work, today, was to do two videos, one on embodiment, and one on pets, and I feel so happy, so privileged that I can express in this way today. My god, what a miracle! Talking into that camera, it heals a part of me that I did not even know needed fond and loving attention.

And so, whether this becomes more visual and less of a written endeavor, I don’t know. There is no right or wrong, no need to predict. There’s only what felt good today, and a happy, open curiosity about tomorrow. For a moment. Just for a moment.

But, since I was not entirely sure what was occurring or why, once again I took to this page, and once again I feel better, clearer, and, once again, I feel complete. It is time to enjoy the day.

I hope this day finds you in peace, in alignment, in harmony and in joy.

2 thoughts on “DEEPLY AWAKE ESSAY By Kathy Vik “Evolution of Expression” 4-20-16

  1. I find so much healing comes from writing and the art of self expression that is being acomplished with so much powerful conscious awareness 🙂 seems alignments abound 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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