DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “On Being Open” 4-12-16

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“On Being Open” 4-12-16



Our missive is short, primarily due to the permission of the channel. And we explain.

We have been attempting for over a week to clarify what it is that we as a Council are present to complete. WE have shown the channel in a number of ways, visual, emotional, situational, that her life has indeed been a living laboratory, and her life’s work, her life itself, and her ability to listen to what lies within, is that of ascension, that this indeed is, and was, the primary directive. Intuiting it, and knowing it, this has been the work at hand.

As such, we have explained many oddities to timing, circumstance and stance of consciousness, and it is with these short bursts of examples that she, over time, has come to learn of her mission, once encoded, we say, into the fabric of her existence, as obvious to an onlooker as hair color, and yet completely hidden from the one holding the reality.

This amnesia, this withholding of truth from self, it is a device which is due primarily to DNA function. “Memory” of worlds apart, awareness of greater realities, these are available at all times, but the consciousness tightens around the reveal.

We bring your attention to emergency situations in which deals are struck, in which lives are righted, instantly, courageously, due to an event or trauma which shocks the personality into understanding a greater truth.

WE tell you that the energy is such, and your willingness and abilities are such that most learning truly does not have to come at the hand of chaos and disarray. If these are themes in your life, look well to determine if they are being perpetuated by choice or habit.

That chaos, so called calamity, change, that these present to you is not the issue. It is simply the reaction to these states which is being brought up for modification. Think well upon this.

Ours is to explain ascension, primarily to those going through it at the moment, as this is what is occurring for some, not for all. WE are aware of the group who are on the edge of the wave, eagerly going through vast biological changes with neither expert physical assistance, nor societal support, and this, we say, is the gravest of misunderstandings.

WE tell you that if your fellow traveler knew what it was you are doing, what you are becoming, how close you are, and what you are even now profoundly capable of, there would be a sort of havoc, in that, these new human beings, you, dear one, are NEW. You are different. You are hybrids, so to speak, evolutionary links, we say.

This work with the first wave is helpful in that, the community who has taken on these changes, to embody them first, this group does understand the strength gained with contact with others on the same course. Each of you are finding the others, the ones embedded in your reality whose mission is to assist, with goods, services, with companionship, with love.

Corporeally, humans know, can sense, and it is in simple recognition that you may find peace. WE say that friendliness is impossible with all, and those who are friendliest smell, hear, know what it is that you are, and they wish more of it. They recognize that which is carried.

And so, this first wave is well supported, by each other, and by support you know not of, and some assistance of which you have only recently become abundantly aware.

It is no longer the time to explain what is coming, because it is here. There are those who are feeling and knowing these changes within their cells, within their lives they see the patterning is changing, time lines have indeed collapsed, so to speak, and in their minds, in their emotions, there is a stillness unavailable before.

And so this brings us to the other reason for this short missive. It is to discuss this notion of blind spot.

We give you the example of something that is so simple for you that it requires no thought. WE use the example of an electric can opener. It is a relatively clever yet simple machine.

Without being told what this machine does, we have doubts that anyone would use it. It does not appear to have much to do with tin cans, this bullet shaped electrical appliance.

It may take having someone show you how to place the can’s lip, in order for the gears to catch and the can to begin its forward motion. It may take practice to not have opened cans fall from the machine. It may, indeed, intimidate, so much so that hands shake, and a desire to use the old equipment comes up.

And yet, it sits on your counter top, and it has been sitting there since before you moved in, actually. It was part of the equipment of the house. That you never asked what its purpose was did not invalidate it. Rather than use this device, however, old style devices were used instead, familiar ones, ones which required much hand movement and effort, but this method MADE SENSE, and was highly effective for the work at hand, work that could not have been done without the tool.

And so, is the electric can opener useful?

Would you like to know that it is only in very very privileged households that electric can openers sit, waiting for their owners?

Would it please you to know that with this implement, certain things can be accomplished which could not, without the device?

And, we ask, now, in your daily walk, is your consciousness holding this device, do you walk through your days praising your electric can opener ownership status, how GOOD it makes you feel to be able to open cans so fast, so easily?

This may seem like a silly analogy, but consider that there are thoughts, notions, activities, events, friendships, relationships of all stripes, work, meaningful and deep work to be done, and the only one who can do it is you.

You are the electric can opener, our loves, and of course, it has hurt your feelings to be passed over, and those doing the passing then huff and puff and struggle over their cans, using outdated, inefficient machines rather than attempt to negotiate your elegance. You may sit and cry that you are not asked to silently and elegantly open cans.

And yet, there are many things happening which you are unaware. Consider that you do not know that the need for canned food has skyrocketed, and people need to use can openers more and more. Some are tiring of the work involved in their old, tired tools. Others openers are breaking in their owner’s hands, but imagine, just for a moment, if this is happening at the same time that a demand for canned food comes up.

WE tell you that it is fine to be a lonely and self realized electric can opener, if a bit tedious, after a time. A self aware opener is able to call work, call cans, to it far more effectively than a non-electrified one, and yet, calling out for work, for attention, for interaction, is still quite passive, as interventions in reality construction go. What else does this can opener do?

We have said so often that waiting is part of this. And we tell you now that, at this late juncture, flood gates wide open and the beginning of a massive shift in consciousness well underway, recipes HAVE CHANGED and they are all calling for canned foods. Being unaware of this portion of reality, then, it is easy to see how the electric can opener can become lulled into thinking that what is happening right now on that kitchen counter top is what will always be done on that kitchen counter top.

Oh, our dear readers, it is good news to know that what is being called for, in the hearts and minds of others can be opened, can be started, can be assisted, by WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME. WE have repeatedly shown the channel that this phrase “all bets are off,” is an accurate one, in that, there are larger movements afoot which must occur, which you are not in control of and do not, cannot, hold awareness of, which will change your daily life and life’s activities, your pursuits, in short order.

And so, we come to heart of it. Waiting and holding faith.

Many feel a pregnancy in the air that was not there only two weeks ago. It is as if the hair is standing straight from the skin on many of you, a natural effect of the electricity in the air, not a reflection of your stability or lack of it. These chills many are reporting, the muscular problems, the sleep disturbances, all manifestations of energetic changes which are nearly complete, but which have shifted physical and emotional realities.

WE have said repeatedly, with words and visuals, that there is NOTHING to worry about. This habit of worry is one which is conducive to illness and little else. It is running the probabilities one DOES NOT WANT, and then hoping they do not occur, and as such, it is an overwhelmingly good way to manifest that which you do not prefer.

Therefore we do caution those willing to hear with the following:

Can you live each day as if it is your first and your last? Can you live this day in gratitude? Can you, today, right now, dismiss the woe your brain is worrying on.

WE liken this habit of anxiety to a worry stone. WE cautioned the channel against purchasing a worry stone when she first saw them some forty years ago. WE said then, and reiterate now, that to hold a stone in your hand and feed it your anxieties, although clarifying and therefore of some assist, it is a concentration of misunderstanding that then sits in your hand, crying out for you to dismiss it as false. Few holding such a stone have the capacity to do this, or they would not be holding a worry stone in their tender hands. When it becomes a tool, then,  the worry stone rides close, in the purse or the pocket, and is brought out reflexively, when a sense of anxiety is felt. Anxiety, then, becomes a self perpetuating, and rewarding, habit.

We remind you that anxiety is a messenger, just as many emotions are. Anxiety is a construct, as is fear, and so we spend a moment on it, and then close.

Anxiety is exuberance mixed with self defeat. Anxiety is desire shot through with doubt. Anxiety is joy ;lacking self confidence.

Anxiety can be handled effectively if it is understood that its base is joy, is expansion itself, is creativity, and the sensation of anxiety, upon examination, is the overlay of believing a lie, of KNOWING that you will lose the object of that desire.

It is simply running probabilities, and this is why we brought it to your attention earlier.

Many have become expert at running probabilities, and they are unaware they are doing it. They are buffeted by anxiety, depression and fear, oftentimes, because they do not understand what it is they are doing, and what they touch feels unmanageable, out of their ken, and this creates the survival admonitions to kick in.

WE bring the electric can opener back round and close by reminding you that this can opener does not worry about anything.  Did you notice, in our little story, it was not the electric can opener which was nervous, but its user?

And so, this is indeed a time to get used to new capacities, and to, please we ask, trust that what is happening, and the changes you are feeling to your thinking and feeling, allow them to be.

Allow the natural feelings of well being which you are now aware of, feel them and BELIEVE them. There is much in the emotional world which can be discounted, seen as tracers to greater realities, but we say that this sense of profound well-being, this is the natural state.

That of simple joy, simple peace, simple trust, simple satisfaction. What is not in alignment with these realities will become more and more intolerable, less and less interesting, and we ask you to allow this process.

Allow learning to take place, and allow the learner his fears, allow all their vulnerabilities and their belief of not being able to do it. It is the simple act of doing something inexpertly but effectively, and receiving honor, this, oh yes,  this is the beginning. Allow the learner his timidity, demonstrate good will to all you encounter, while allowing the teachers their boredom, their slow rousing from inactivity, and let the openings begin.

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