DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “A Simple Story of Peace” 4-11-16

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

A Simple Story of Peace” 4-11-16

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We have given the channel much regarding quantum realities and their physical interpretation, and this creates a time of germination and a quiet on the farm overtakes. During this time of incubation and realization, we are wishing to give you a story of great love, and of peace, for each of you, this day.

THERE CAME TO BE A TRAVELER IN A TOWN FOR WHICH HE HAD NO NAME. He wandered the cobblestone streets, and marveled at the town’s antiquity. He felt hunger, and found a bread store. He  enjoyed a lovely baguette while sitting on a bench, outside a milliner’s shop.

He knew he was lost, disconnected, curiously, and, for the moment, he realized, unaware of his past, no future to consider, as well, he chose to savor his bread. He chose to concentrate on how the sun’s rays felt like warm liquid on his face. His thoughts did not escape to problems, to others, to the future. He was as unwilling as he was unable, in that moment.

And what becomes of our man? Sitting, now, belly full, on an ancient stone bench, in an ancient town, one that is, in reality, a nano-second old, depending on one’s perspective.

It is this we wish to bring up and discuss. Perspective.

With the man’s consciousness suspended, momentarily, detached from past, unable to sequence or consider future, what did our man do?

WE tell you there are many responses which he could have had, and all of them are valid, each are acceptable, and each are highly creative.

He could have assumed he had had a stroke, and, in panic for his life and health, he could have presented at a physician’s office, or an emergency room.

He could have run up and down the streets, screaming for help.

He could have knocked on houses, pleading, looking for a home that did not exist in a town he was merely traveling through.

He could have struck up conversations, all over town, making it is his mission to find others with similar experience.

He could have decided to rob the bread store, since he had no ties to anyone or anything in this reality.

He could have found a hungry person and provided them his baguette.

Yes, his response was not fixed. He chose, dear ones, he chose to be contented. He chose to nourish himself. He chose to relax. He chose to allow a sense of peace and well being to permeate his body as he sat in the sun. He chose to smile, and he chose to continue eating, and enjoying, in quietude, in peace.

Of course, many can see themselves in this story, and many wish for peace who do not have it. When we say this is a choice, we wish for you to see that such a thing truly is active. Our man actively chose peace. And how is this done?

WE say to imagine that all is well, and this is because all is indeed well. Far beyond the concerns and anxieties you hold for this outcome or that event, we assure you that you have planned for yourselves events and understandings far grander than we an conceive.  This innate knowledge speaks to you at such a profoundly intimate and cellular manner, that of course, this reality you inhabit is utterly full with peace.

It is not entirely true to say that this life is strictly one of joy. We wish to make certain each understand that to misunderstand duality and its role here, and to disregard the issues which occur when dark encounters light, this is a disservice to all. However, much are merely perspective issues, and they will, in time, be sorted out.

It is impossible, as of yet, to categorize or linearize many consciousness states, and we can assure you the subtlety is astounding. Without the innate and technical skill, this is a science which, to some degree, becomes an intuitive one, and therefore, it is less honored within American culture. We give every assurance this is changing.

IN the meantime, we ask that you consider our peaceful, quiet man, pondering thoughts he is not, cannot, and may never language, eating bread which satisfies all his senses, and fills him with a knowing that he is cared for.

Look well to your choices, as they tell you in no uncertain terms what it is you believe is possible, and that which you would never consider. Seek out those who might tell you things you cannot even consider. Seek this out and a happy, full, synchronistic life ensues. State your preferences in honor and joy, and watch the fun begin.

WE leave you in great peace and joy this day and in all days. Seylah.

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