DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “Observation and Participation” 4-10-16

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

Observation and Participation” 4-10-16



We have been silent as the channel has been adjusting to a raising in amplitude. We make agreements, and we allow the channel this process, as it is one that all will eventually do.

WE wish to place into the discussion the matter of energetic perspective change that is occurring within the field.

WE say that as linear beings, you are used to running energy in one direction, and this directional and perspective issue is what is to be discussed today, briefly.

Imagine you are standing in a large circle of people, and you are all linked by hands, holding the neighbor’s hand. Imagine that in your chest rises great love and brotherhood, and you wish to give this to your assembled brothers and sisters. This energy is thought to leave the consciousness in one direction, yes? Do you run it out of your palm? Which one? Does the energy you run go, naturally, left to right, or right to left?

WE bring you into this circle now, and ask that you observe from the center, as we proceed. This is vital to the understanding of this short lesson.

Now in the middle of a large circle of individuals, you are wanting to run light, but, how can you do this now? we ask. In the very center of a large circle, how do you reach anyone, with your energy? How is this done? It is much easier, is it not, when connected hand by hand, and shooting it from your body, left to right, or right to left?

In the center, it is difficult to see that there is indeed a twin to this energy that feels so good to give, and to receive.

WE bring your attention to counterspin. Placed inside the circle, it is impossible to understand that there is counterspin, and that there is more that simple light being projected. Therefore, in this illustration, now we ask, return to this circle, and clasp your neighbor’s hands. Stand within the circle, and look. The natural inclination you have, whichever that may be, running your light left to right, or right to left, we ask now that you reverse it, in this sacred circle.’

Many report physical feelings when they start this procedure. WE are telling you now that when in the circle, one can fully participate in the flow. Within, in the heart of the circle, one can appreciate the whole, but the parts, the dual action, the push and the pull, it is understood, but not experienced in the same way.

WE are telling you great truths today, about consciousness positioning and how things flow, why it is you are embodied, and how things can be made better while linear.

It is a supposition only, that things are linear, you see. There is no law that says you must run your beautiful light left to right, or right to left, yes? And yet, this is what is done, naturally.

WE say that once this process has begun, while in the circle, so that you can feel it, understand the sensation and let them guide you, that, yes, once this has begun, then, a process of activation, has indeed physically occurred.

There is critical mass within the elders, and what was necessary to have accomplished has indeed been done. Therefore, with this critical mass reached, within individual cellular awareness, and in the collective, we ask you to breathe easy, and consider new ways to be.

The ramifications of this teaching are immense, and we caution you to think clearly on what is being said. The issue at hand is one of placement of consciousness, and we have shown this channel that her muscular pain, and perceived blockages, within throat, chest and abdomen, these were not due to intellectual misdeeds or emotional immaturity, but instead, she has been running light cohesively, thought slowly, and her Merkahbah is spinning in a way it, of course, always has, but this awareness, it is metaphor-ized for her, the visuals, all visuals, for the assistance of the viewer.

There is much to say about perspective, but we wish to begin it, as we close.

We say now that there is a choice in perspective, in which the entire consciousness may inhabit, which allows for the understanding of the participant and the observer. Within the circle, hands grasped, running light, setting intention, a physical being may indeed FEEL the flow of the energy, and may come to think of self as creator of it, originator, the one thinking for the group. And we say that although this has a certain merit, the one running this, having this experience, holding these intentions and feeling the desire to do this, that entity is in the center, watching, and may be unaware of the ways in which the energy is buffeting the biology, and just how the experience is being encoded. There is dialogue that is begun, on a quantum level, and the two begin sharing notes, talking, guiding and helping each other. Their perspectives are shared, and they gain understanding, and cooperation.

Within the circle that is your ever loving, ever spiraling life, there is a center, and in that center is the creator, the one who looks upon all of it with an indulgence and love you know of here, and yet, the intensity is astounding, enough to shock the biology we say.

This is not a simple issue having to do with spin, with running light one way or the other. It is about introducing the concept of counterspin Of the other. Of the observer, and the participant, working together, entangled in a common reality.

WE say this is the way of the 44, and this number, in its mystery and beauty is to be revealed, as it is in the bodies of the many, in the minds of all.

WE leave you this day perhaps questioning the importance or need for this missive, but we introduce, crudely perhaps, ready for further exploration, the concepts of counterspin, of observer and participant, and of beginning to crack the code which suspends notions of multidimensionality in the field of intent. Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find

Now is the time.


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