DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “In Celebration” 4-4-16

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik

“In Celebration” 4-4-16



On this auspicious day, we ask that each of you will become still. We ask you will breathe deeply, slowly, slowly, rhythmically, signal to the body you are safe, and at rest, and ready. And then, consider that there is a greater awareness than even this calm you now possess, and this awareness contains high honor, great respect, deep trust, and unending devotion for you. In the clothing you are wearing. In the circumstances you are in. In the relationships you are in.

It is, at times, difficult to feel, to believe, these sentiments, although the feeling state contained within is deep and true.

And yet, we ask that each of you examine this phenomenon. An entity, a committee, a lover, a child, says they feel honor, respect, trust and and devotion toward you, or, perhaps, to your work. Can you believe it?

Can you accept it?

WE say that the word love is energetically ambiguous, and its rays, its expressions, its creations far more enjoyable in discussing with those for whom you experience this profound energy, the life force, we tell you now.

And so, we lead you on an exercise which we know will cause some discomfort, and yet, by doing so, doors open to new ways of holding thoughts about, and for, self.

WE say that you, dear reader, you are held in the rays of The All’s love. Innumerable, and yet, it is here we sit, for a time, thinking, and learning. In High honor. Great respect. Deep trust. And unending devotion.

Disbelief is borne of denial of these traits within, and refusal of the gift of their recognition.

And so we ask, are you holding yourself in high honor when you remind yourself of how you believed you harmed another, though they have not indicated harm? Or the many times it has been brought to your attention you have hurt someone? When you are reminding yourself of all the ways in which you have been harmed?

We bring this up because skirmishes have intensified, due to more and more release from inertia, and an innate, collective desire to get off some heretofore comfortable fences.

Disequilibrium, physically, emotionally, and relationally, is not unusual at this time, therefore it is wise to be clear of some fundamental truths.

If it is true that you conduct yourself in a truthful, clear and kind way, if you strive to be honest, authentic and good, with others, then, can you, as a group,and as individuals, come to understand that hurt feelings are simply from an individually and collectively inflamed sense of unworthiness, of feeling unseen, unglorified, unrecognized?

As each tend to their own sense of inner honor, coming to understand their innate goodness, their cooperativeness, their willingness to be of help and service, their blamelessness, their validity, they will come to see that when another reports feeling hurt, it is a modulation of behavior that is being requested, not an attack to self being delivered. And, it may be an unreasonable request.

Some know of this great truth and walk through their days untroubled, but we say there are few, because worries abound, and it is past time for throwing one’s consciousness elsewhere to determine if it has done harm. It has not. All is in agreement and in alignment. In this state, it matters not if another dishonors you.

Dishonoring something intrinsically honorable is, and can be seen as, an act of weakness, dysfunction, of feeling less than the other, itself a fallacy.

And, we move to great respect. With this we ask you to be easy in the things which you assume are incorrect about yourselves and your operating your life. We ask you to think softly and more kindly toward the issues you feel you have handled inexpertly, or with a heart of anger. If you are aware of your darkness, we ask that you understand it is a function of ight, and we ask, are you also holding in your awareness your good, as you contemplate misdeeds, failures, what you have labeled “mistakes?”

We ask you to forgive yourselves your dark deeds, the things you believe will die with you. They do not die with your corporeal body, our beloveds. They die with your dismissal of them as valid. Deeds may indeed be a reason for pride, for a sense of respect and confidence. It is good, it is right, to feel certain that which you meet you can handle. This is a symptom of honoring the self. It is true, as well, this was a place of great duality, and, the greatest insults, horrors and travesties in this world, they are heartbreaking in their lack of love, of truth, of God, and they are contrast, contrast, contrast. Forgive yourself, understand all has a higher purpose, and your inner validity, as an being, is never in question.

We say that The All, that we, that many humans around you hold you in deep trust, and we ask you if you can believe any of it. Do you trust yourself? Do you obey yourself? This is a word which conjures subjugation, and we say, this is not so as we use this term. To obey is to honor, know, and do, all one, in silent, innate trust.

Do you trust the voices in your head? Do you trust the emotions coursing through your body? Do you trust your synchronicities? Do you trust your inner strength, your abilities, your exuberance, your creativity, your humor? Do you trust the best part of you, the part, through all the confusion, that others cannot help but see, and love? Consider this.

Last, we say that you have always, will always be, and are held in unending devotion. Again, this is a word that is loaded for many, with vibrations of subjugation, of relinquishment of will. Cast off these misinterpretations, and we ask you consider the divine marriage. Divine female, merging with divine male, the trinity, when each hold I AM as their core, creating a third energy, powerful, healing. It is through this we see devotion as template, as guide, and how humanity has indeed interpreted this.

WE gave the channel an experience two Christmases ago, outside, as she smoked and cried, heartbroken, and lonely. She was, frankly, inconsolable. It was then we explained her confusion.

In divine feminine, there is a requirement, when it is activated, that, due to its sheer power, it be met, energetically, by its counterpart. We then presented her with the concept of marrying her Self. She saw that within her was the Divine Masculine, as she understood fully why it is compelling to know its physical counterpart. She was able to see how her need to have things done is then accomplished through her counterpart’s participation, her innate Divine Masculine’s purpose that of completion, communion, devotion, will. She saw her own Divine Feminine, watched how they are able to assist the other in greater and greater expression and joy. She then understood, that she was able to activate the Divine Masculine within, and through her, a reality she had not anticipated, a part of herself who was utterly devoted, as was she.

Suddenly, she felt better, and able to face the same situation which had triggered her profound loneliness.

We state this as an example because, devotion, as is love, carries a mixed charge, one that requires both receiving and giving. It is a sentiment without action, just as trust can be, just as love can be, just as honor can be, just as respect can be.

Ours is to integrate, and to assist in your thinking in ways which allow your worth to be actualized, no longer something to argue for or against, no longer anything you are willing to give away, no longer something up for discussion, letting others’ insults or slights fall unrecognized as relevant. Allow all their reaction, and, it becomes ever so much more easy to smile when someone snarls, remembering such thoughts as these, on the page.

After all, a snarl is acceptable too.

We say that All That Is sees you and feels nothing but the height of love, unspeakably deep and true, and so well deserved, so magnificent this creation, and your part in it, are. It is true, it is true, that once you catch a glimpse of your grandeur, your experience can no longer be taken quite as seriously, seen as quite so tragic, or scary. Its depth, however, is exponentially enhanced.

We say this is a day to discover and enjoy and frolic within your human experience. We tell you there are no enemies about, and any disasters are intentional, by design, and that you will recover. You will overcome.

You already have.

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