DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “MORNING LIGHT” 3-27-16

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik




We use this day the example given to the channel just prior to this transmission. This is done purposefully.

The shadow overpasses. In a maelstrom of images, we stated these words. The shadow overpasses now.

With this came many understandings, but there is an image we wish to impart to reader, gentle one with us now. A black stripe has repeatedly been seen, and the notion of it being stripped out or off of something lighter, of a less dense material, this image has been given to many, not just this channel, within the last few days. We wish to discuss this, and the concept of shadow, on this, your Easter Sunday, a day when there is indeed confirmation that the shadow overpasses, in the end.

We did not step away this morning, by invitation, as thought groups were introduced. It was explained prior to channeling that having many topics, all active, lit up, shall we say, open questions, open conflicts to resolve, this was the way of it, and yet, the tone is soft, the color an inviting umber, no harm here, only integration now.

We presented the concept of divinity, and this was seen from an angle not previously achieved. Understood was the idea that nefarious activity and base or carnal knowledge is not, in fact, an aberration from light, and is held in moral disregard purposefully, to allow for great scrutiny and thought. Do you see the cleverness of this? That which is highly charged is that which receives much attention. And so, it is thought that activities deemed by mass consciousness as suspicious or base, these desires are then suspect, they are pushed against, and they then become less a form of expression, valid, all, and more a form of turmoil, as separating self from self certainly is.

Explaining that this is indeed not shadow play at all, but that no thought, no activity, no desire and no intuition is wrong, is evil, is to be shunned or misaligned, outside of self.

WE caution you, please understand this, we say that it is through understanding there simply is no division, that all activity is valid, this concept kicks up dust, does it not? What about the murderer? What about the rapist?

WE tell you, if you believed, if you understood, we say, that anything which emanates from you is you, and you are a creator, your creator, then does it not follow that you have great power, enough, indeed to figure out wonderful ways in which to thrill, and scare, and redeem yourselves?

WE explained again, and will to you know, that much of the anxiety in the electrical bodies, so to speak, of humanity, could very easily be stilled with the understanding that this is not a moral construct, but one of acceptance and approval and great lightness. And yet, as such, you may do as you see fit, being divine humans, all, required to act in the moment, and utterly unaware, we say, of that moment, in its totality. It is an effort in becoming more conscious, and this is how we must then proceed with this understanding of shadow, on a day, energetically, when there is a wonderful momentum achieved, one to celebrate, we can assure you.

Although it could be said that a shadow has overpassed you, and although it is true that a genetic mutation has occurred in many, involving this black stripe, so to speak, we also wish to comment on awareness. This was the core, the key, you see, to the teachings of the morning, which we now clarify and language for you. As light intensifies, does the shadow really overpass? Is the shadow giving the light a pass, so to speak, letting it off the hook? Can you see the folly in this, the overlay of bad and good, of a shadow, a mere lack of light, taking on properties of malevolence, inducing, in many, the core fear of being overtaken by something which cannot be managed’

To this we must amplify. Do you understand that fear is excitement? Fear is zeal, it is passion, it is spark, it is the impetus to explore, it is excitement. And yet, with the solidification of certain belief structures, fear becomes quite powerful, and indeed, it is no laughing matter, it is a hormonal inductant, and creates a physical inflammatory response int he cellular structure. Over time, it creates disease. We think many may intuit which diseases it manifests as. Fear infests and it it distorts. It is quite neurologically easy to fall into fear states, as they are a simpler configuration, and as such, they are a bit contagious to psyche.

An aside – we have introduced, this morning, to the channel, a method of psychological structure which is far more amenable to multidimensionality, and is catalogued nicely, and so, we say, our work is in psyche, of course, this daily marriage of the cosmos and the flesh, a consecration of humanity as the creators they are. This is a branch of discovery which we wish to explore in future. We mention that within it, are base changes in suppositions of how individual experience is indeed created, and given significance. It is a study of geometries and mathematics, based in the core studies of consciousness. WE tell you it is on the way, as this information has been given to many, those with proclivities, just as this black stripe has been given to many, and so many other group metaphors. An ocean wave. A Phoenix. Butterflies. Radios. Key visual metaphors, triggering great volumes of information. And so we continue.

Fear, we ask you to see, is simply a misunderstanding, thinking self incapable of meeting and enjoying and managing well the objects of ones excitement. Are you worried you will fail at something? Do you fret that you will put toothpaste on your toothbrush wrong? And, even if you do, is it not something you can see is ridiculous, as you carefully apply paste to brush this morning? Did the fear assist you in the application? If you were holding it while holding and squeezing the tube, then, we would submit that, rather than fear being helpful, fear makes the hand tremble, and the psyche spin. And yet, it is a simple task, is it not?

WE tell you that fear is a problem in magnitude, in perspective. Drilling down, fear of failure, fear of ruin, this is a fear of being unlovable, and unloved. Worthless. Hollow. All of these concepts are utter fallacies, of course, but just as a shadow looks menacing in a dark room, and can even spook the onlooker, as light is intensified in the room, the shadow is seen for what it was, a phantom, a trick of the light, a good place to project thoughts which are powerful, but are so because of their great untruth, spiraling along with the truth. If you are creating it, the fear inducing thing, then can you not see that you have also created this complementary concept of fear?

And can you not see that fear, like shadow, dissipates with reason, with information, with tenderness, with love, with LIGHT.

WE have said again and again and again and again, “FEAR NOT.” And as a command, it is a bit jarring, and it is like a belly laugh, we say, to state those words as a command. It assists in disengaging things, and jolting awareness, and in fear, this jolt is good, this shot of reason, a laugh, a gift, a momentary pause in the battering some of you do to yourselves within.

Fear not is a reminder that there is nothing to fear. Ever. Fear is not an emotion. It is a reaction, it is a device, a mechanism. We do not ask for you to put this into practice in full by this evening. WE ask that you think on it, if you wish, and if you do not wish to, let it go, let it be, and let it work.

How does the light come up? How does shadow become just another place where it is sunny?

This stripping is a way to tell you that there has been a change in the magnetics, and as a result there are many who are willing to access more. This changes the light quotient, world-wide. WE do not have to repeat that it does not take all to do this, but a handful, relatively, and this starts the ball rolling. Keep in mind our teachings about this energy, this cosmic wave on which you dance, has , in a sense, always been available to you. Yes, there are physical circumstances which allow for the physical integration and expression of it, but, dear ones, its essence is within you, can you not see that? Gaia is responding to this movement, one not dreamed up last week by a clan of sequined hippies, but rather, the fulfilling of ancient teachings, that of the 5th sun, of the star people returning, that of ascension, that of the golden age. It is easy, we say, to pigeon hole the work, and yet we ask that you keep in mind your human heritage, your ancients standing now, breathing upon your hair, smiling, hands to hearts, nodding. All is well. The circle is now complete.

With more light, there is less darkness, and what remains of it can be seen for the shadow, the device, the gift it is. It is futile to imagine that which you find distasteful, horrible or bad does not have a right to be here with you. That you see it is the key. That you think on it is important data, as this fascination may begin to weaken somewhat.

It is possible, dear ones, to reach states of ecstatic bliss, and many have found that it is through profound loss that they come to see the magnificence in their being. However, we are gratified to say that with this shift, with this lovingly made change, dear ones, such states can be attained just as easily through acts of compassion and grace. Further, can you not feel it, a low thrum of happiness, of peace, which you may become aware of at the oddest of times, moments of bliss, of satisfaction, even if your life might be deemed less than suitable to another? Shadow play need not be so rough, dear ones. It is, after all, only play.

One thought on “DEEPLY AWAKE Channeling By The Council/Kathy Vik “MORNING LIGHT” 3-27-16

  1. This is the best thing they have done yet. I am honored to be their speaker. I am in deep gratitude this day and in all days. Namaste.


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