Water’s of Time

Redefining Meditation

Sometime last year, around the time I was given my current meditation color code, I saw myself in meditation in where only the colors grey, white, black and greyish-blue were used. I had never seen myself and my surrounding like this before and was told that it represented a skill of mine called Water’s of Time. Of course, I was like, what the fuck does that mean? 🙂 I was told it means foresight, which there are apparently different variations of (to be delved into at another time). Well, I promptly forgot about this experience until last week when the memory of it surfaced. I went digging through my journal and saw that I never sat down and wrote about the experience. It was referred to another meditation at that time but never expanded on. Apparently it is now time to dive into the Water’s of Time, pun intended!…

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