DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By The Council/Kathy Vik “Ascension Riddles” 3-24-16


Ascension Riddles” 3-24-16



WE wish to explain our purpose at this time. The channel is at peace with our arrangement, in that, this time is one for technical assistance for those who understand the work at hand. And so we proceed.

This is holy week, and it is no accident that your Easter is a part of this timing. Many are having intuitive flashes of the gestalt, and, we say here, a new body of light, formed now, tissue now, and unfurling. We have given this image to the channel, an infant, new, real, at the base of the spine, understanding this is no ordinary infant, and growth will be, shall we say, phenomenal, unpredictably beautiful, and measured, of course, dear ones, measured to the beating of your heart, in this now, and this one, and this one.

WE do not think that the idea of take over is worth a great discussion, as meld is far more accurate a term for what is occurring to many and for these, we are gratified you have found us, and how could it not be so?

The channel’s worries bleed into this transmission, and so they must be addressed at this time.

The questions are having to do with embodiment. And timing. And others. The questions have to do with how this information about grand and lofty things can be at all translated into physical reality, and with the obvious difference in many individual’s understanding, of the vibrational rates, they lay as blankets atop each other, and yet, the concern is one of communication, interface, and function, purpose.

And so, in typical fashion, we extend our arms out, over the vista that you yourself have created, dear reader. Your lows, your darkness, often the catapult needed for exaltation which matches the vibration necessary for an activation, for an opening. WE remind you of truth now, which passes simple understanding, and which can serve, for the wise, as armor, as a shield, and what is a shield, in battle?

WE say that a shield is a tool which serves as a physical reminder of your inner strength, made impregnable by the skill and care of others, an exchange, a statement of clan, of belonging, and a resource for redemption, for safety in the middle of great chaos and calamity.

We caution you to think that these lofty thoughts and understandings you may be receiving, glittering with nuance you may not have been able to perceive before, we say this holy week is one of gifts, of redemption, from self, to self, through self, and of birth, not a rebirth, but a bursting from that which is no longer functional, by choice and design.

And so, yes, contrast is necessary, and darkness, what does great darkness do but prove to you, with its dissolution, that the observer of darkness is its master. Its knowing friend.

And yet, does it serve, when you conduct your selves in a way which is unjust, or cruel, or intentionally pain inducing? And can you forgive even yourselves, when you, for reasons you may not understand, are compelled to speak or act in such a way?

WE tell you that lesson is thick about this earth, and that to be uninvolved in lesson is a folly of a thought. However, it is perhaps, at this time, wise to assist those who are gaining access to the template moment to moment to see that access to this allows the emotional charge to be somewhat removed, the triggers deactivated, so to speak, and for you to understand that all is well, if your words are tart, tangy, sweet or dull. IF your actions are misaligned or fully aligned. Are you not aware that others watch, and perfection is not what is called for, only integration, only good humor with all parts of self, only your knowledge, as hidden as it may be from you, of your heritage and purpose.

WE say be easy with it, with all things, with self primarily. It is a surprising moment, when one realizes that the pain felt, the separation endured, was an act of great courage, and is now, no longer, is it necessary, as it was interpreted previously.

Consider that you have within you every instruction set required for the coming years, and that no man, no woman, no child is able to interpret it for you. It is yours.

Does this fill you with existential loneliness, this thought? WE expect the answer is no, and this would be due to the idea that construction, creation, flow, this is the conduit in which you intuitively know to express, and the overlay being removed is one that is cultural, and it is biological, and it is magnetic. Many of you are in a holding pattern, and we tell you that even if you feel as if your life is occurring at a dizzying pace, there is a slowness within, a slowing which becomes null, becomes still, is silent, in a moment not yet realized, coming, which then is the last catapult required for many on this road.

We understand we speak in riddles, and so we will end by giving one, and first, to tell truth in order to ease the channel.

She is concerned this information will offend many, for it is written with a specific group of readers in mind, our mind, we say. She is concerned the others will have their feelings hurt because of what is being shared.

A natural expression for one so tender. WE assure you that if you are still reading, you are who we intend to speak with these days, and we can assure you that the part of you which needed these codes is gratified for your perhaps confused presence.

WE caution the reader to understand that all levels of consciousness are represented on this earth, and the call is being placed for those who have a remembrance which resonates with our signature. We are here to assist in remembrance, and that is all.

And so to proceed with a great riddle. Of course, the channel is now nervous, as we become quite clever, and she cannot understand how this is done. WE move her further away and we proceed.

For centuries, sat a statue, a large one, made from sandstone, clearly made by human hands, and yet, all who came upon it understood it rang with another sort of reality. It became known, over the centuries, as a sacred place, a wicked and evil place, one that was a source of all blessings, and one that was alternately known as the grave site of all sorrow, a place of mourning and grief, a place of utter pain, and its release.

The monument stood, and allowed its observers to cloak it, as the ages passed, in finest silks, on days of high honor, and, in darker times, it was painted with blood, with fluids taken without permission, with the projected pain of its observers.

The monument stands, this day, it remains a singular presence, in a vastness which, when taken in, is nothing short of breathtaking. A single stone monument, now bare, alone, standing as it always has, since its creation, and as it will always stand, when remembered by those who can see things whole.

We must now remember that the monument is a stone structure, a creation, an expression in time, one set of hands honing the stone, striking it, baring its outline, its function perhaps, and its limitations.

And yet, the stone understands that it is the hands who made it. It is the ground it is buried in. It is the onlookers who could spew only their fearful thoughts and painful cries, and it is the onlookers who could only praise, only seeing a miracle, high art. The stone feels the land it was pulled from, and can sense its own disintegration, within the winds which caress its stone, moment to moment, taking with it particles, mere particles, and yet, the stone feels this disbursal, the pieces of itself it has on a beache, on skin, in a snow bank.

The stone has nothing to do but be itself, and we say that this is its final mystery. Its greatest achievement, its truth, while crowded with worshipers, while damned by revilers.

We said this was a riddle, and not a simple metaphor, and we ask you to consider the shape in closing. It is tall, an opening at the top. Its opening has a shape. Its shape has a function. WE ask you gaze upon this monolith as you induce sleep, see it contrasted by a star filled sky of indigo ink, and allow the riddle, and its resolution, to speak.

We leave by way of admonition.

WE ask each disengage from all forms of self recrimination, and by this we are being inclusive. Apply this thought to your monolith, see how little it understands of the ones who love and hate it. See to it the metaphor is mined. The circle, the cut out, it is a way to gaze, is it not? Consider the monolith, consider its worth, consider hidden abilities, and consider accepting your truth now.

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