The Telomeres on Examining the New Body

This is the most profound work on healing on the internet, in my opinion. Esther is a priceless resource for us all, and I just can’t wait to hear more….

Redefining Meditation

Well friends, it looks as if our foundations have been built. The Telomeres are back already to tell us about what if possible now.

Esther: “Ok, Telomeres what have you got? You seem excited.”

Telomeres: “Yes, indeed! The beginning of something very new begins today!”

E: “What would that be?”

T: “Think back over your life so far. There are times of dealing with the unknown in the only way that humans know how, either by experiencing it or retreating from it. You have generally chose experience, even in the years before your awakening. This is not to say that everything has to be a direct experience but just being open to the unknown in your mind is enough to put you on that path.

What if there was another way of dealing with the unknown? What if you could examine the unknown before deciding to experience it?”

E: “How…

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