DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By The Council/Kathy Vik “Wave Theory Under the Big Tent” 3-16-16


Wave Theory Under the Big Tent” 3-16-16



We wish this day to express our honor for you but this, our family, this honor is borne of recognition, us winking at each other, allowing this space to expand and the energy to fill.

We have been asked to comment on “what is happening,” and of course this is a vague sentiment, but truly, this is a question which all carry, to lesser or greater degrees, as what was once a familiar energetic grid morphs.

We give the channel visuals of the DNA, clumped as it should be, electrified and coherent, as it is. This is the purpose, to have the DNA respond, to be spoken to and for it to then intentionally comply, comply, comply with the greater movement afoot.

These are times of the shift, and so, there is a wave pattern present which must be teased out at this point.

We have explained wave theory to you as it applies to mass consciousness and individual awakening but we wish to assist in your discernment of what is occurring right in front of you and all around you now, as prior to recent events, these were future probabilities which all were training to encounter, and many met consciously.

The idea behind ascension waves is simple. It is not suitable for a group of billions of individuated consciousnesses to awaken en masse, as if from sleep one morning. We understand and appreciate the desire on the part of many to have such a thing occur, and we tell you that the images many of you share, of a mass awakening, of a mass lightening, these images are correct and true, but must be understood in the linear template within which you function.

Please be advised that free will allows for the wave function, and therefore is not a threat, but a function of awakening.

As such, there are processes which occur in smaller masses, in smaller light houses, shall be say. We are giving the visual of the planet, inky blue and gold, with clusters, yes, clusters of light, which then pulse, emanating light. In turn, it is a contagion of sorts, and we grin while giving this word to a medico. Contagion.

Consider that there is no illness, but instead, as the DNA clumps, as inductance occurs, as communication magnetically occurs, this is the same image as the clumps of light, dotting this globe.

Do you not see that this is a gradual and therefore benevolent and personal event, this awakening, these waves of light? Can you not, in your still moments, feel the tendrils of light which emanate from every core, reaching, touching and assisting you?

We say now that as the ascension process unfolds, there are certain considerations to discuss which were simply not salient in past times. That these words may be written and published in light, for all, in service and in honor, this is a cue, but it is not the all.

These awakenings, the individual, ephemeral “aha” moments which then lighten your step and allow you to dismiss painful thinking and expectations: this is how it is done, and we tell you now that the words we use are encoded beyond your understanding. The very light we are discussing is just that. It is LIGHT.

We are coming to you today to remind you that it is no longer functional or helpful to dip “back,” to use the past for anything other than tool recovery and gratitude. To consider that all that is behind each of you, and what is before you, can be melded only with allowance of the new, and dismissal of old functionality.

We have repeatedly given the channel the image and feelings associated with being burdened, with arms laden, back ever so slightly bent backward to accommodate the load. Consider the things being held onto as the greatest gifts, honors, joys, resolutions, achievements, of your daily lives. Consider that with the achievements and the honor, that what you have wrapped your arms around as a collective is also quite outdated, and it is somewhat dysfunctional.

We ask you to look down, and check to see what is in your arms. Are they bursting with gifts, with burdens, with joys, with sorrow? Are they empty?

We ask you to do this because we want to remind you of the trapeze, to close, the way in which each of you become masters at reality creation.

A trapeze artist shows you, as does the butterfly, what occurs when one allows metaphor to speak more loudly than objective “truth.”

As a trapeze artist walks to the ladder, he may have many things in his arms, yes? He might have his bag, the things he enjoys traveling with. He night have a love letter. He might have a problem.

And yet, at the base of the ladder. To find his way to his desired, very desired post, he must release the objects which worry his fingers, which break his back, depending on his countenance, yes?

And so he climbs.

His compatriot does the same, as equally unburdened, as equally ready.

They climb.

Recall that a trapeze swings freely, has no agenda, and is oh so inviting, ever so hypnotic, an ever-invitation, and , to some, our beloveds, it is nothing less than a prime directive.

Let us place both of them high, and let us place one in the air. She rubs her palms together, takes a deep breath, takes the trapeze off its hook, lifts her arms high above her golden head, and leaps. Her hands firmly connected to the wood, how comforting to feel its solidity in the rush of exhilaration she now knows.

Her partner takes his trapeze from its hook, pulls back his long arm, and swings it forward.

You do understand, do you not, that there is no action here without choice. Our swinging trapeze artist looks, observant, aware, for her next bar. She understands that there are no intermediary steps now, only this. Only this, for this moment.

She sees the trapeze coming for her, understands the geometry and physics of the moment, and then, she does the unthinkable.

Without anything more than a desire to make it so, a willingness to know, a need to do, she lets go of her wooden security! Her fingers trail off the wooden dowel, and her body’s momentum, in perfect concert with a larger timing, which was dependent upon another, allows her body to arc as it falls. Her fingers reach out, and her palm slaps onto the next trapeze. She goes forward.

We bring this visual up close to you to remind you of your innate courage, your innate understanding that all is well, and that doing that which one innately desires is at the base of this construct.

Further, we tell you that the void is your mother, your source and the node from which all springs. This void, it is not found while clinging to the physical. And it cannot even be contemplated without putting down that which was burdened you.

You do understand, dear one, we are asking you to become lighter. To lighten your arms’ burdens. To laugh. To risk. To fly.

We wish to remind you that it is perfectly in sync with reality construction to move on to the next thing with nothing in your hands.

Need we repeat this to you, you who have lost so much, you who have had so much taken, stripped, removed from you, in your daily lives, in your identities. Oh, you are less burdened as a group than you were one month ago, and perhaps a little of your clumsiness could be attributed simply to learning how to walk less weighed down?

Above us, these two seeming daredevils swing, reminding all that although it is natural to despair for what is no longer in your arms, it is not the one mid leap who is experiencing this grief. They grieved while they were climbing the stairs to their perches. They chose, at the bottom of the stairs to do what they would then do mid air for all. Demonstrate in no uncertain terms a few important teachings. That our teachers are grinning from ear to ear, in leotards, suspended by simple chains and rods of wood, oh, to onlookers, they appear as confident angels who are above the fray. And we tell you this is not so. They are members of a larger crowd, individuals who want to, need to, must and so shall be the first to leap, to fly, to laugh out loud into air that is thinner.

Consider in this arena there are those who, by natural bent and training can only see the stairs, the platforms, the little trapezes on hooks, glittering under the dome. They walk among many who are unaware a show is about to start. Long before our artists got to the stairs, they were among many who did not understand why they found themselves in that spot, at that time. Perhaps, dear reader, they were, at one time, just as confounded as to the purpose of their placement in this dome.

And, in this venue, there are the ones huddled in the back, along the sides, in the shadows, exchanging coins for entrance, managing the showgrounds, and doing perhaps darker things in those corners, but certainly, there are a few, who spit and snarl as they watch the act, unaware of why they behave as they do, feel and think as they do.

Three distinct groups of people, within one area, doing any number of disparate things, and yet, a silence comes over most of them as the flying, the swinging, the synchronicity high above, commences.

We use this analogy to explain many things, not least of which is wave theory. We ask that you be at peace with your desires this day, and allow yourself the freedom to simply consider walking near the ladder, if only to peer up, or into the bags to learn what they were carrying, before the aerialists began their ascent.

We hope that you understand that without the ones in the corners, making deals, and without the mass of appreciating onlookers, the ones flying about, quite naturally, would be completely absorbed in their now, unconcerned with the experiences of the others, as they fly.

Certainly, each group plays upon the other groups, each individual consciousness helping to create the overall experience, but, please, be easy, dear ones, with your judgments about who is doing the best thing.

If you wish to be up high, then make your way to the stairs. Ask questions along the way, what is it like? Has anyone ever died from doing it? What happens if I fall? Ask, ask, ask, and we tell you, if you then stand at the base of the stairs for the rest of your days, so be it. You have a better view than most, and if you want to do it, we tell you quite confidently, there will be another chance, if you choose to remain on the ground, holding onto your stuff. Why is this so sure? Oh, dear one, look within. Look where you are standing. Appreciate your own love of the flight, of the living expression of this apt metaphor.

We leave you this day to think on grand and impossible things, and to consider that what appears impossible is simply needing redefinition, of the the one making the judgment, and of the task.

To close we ask, is it not about intent? In the dome, those who flew high above intended to do so. But the crowd, as a group, it did not necessarily even know that there would be a thrilling and uplifting show! And the ones around the edges, for them, the event has another significance, a different intention.

We ask you truly begin using this concept of intention more actively. State “I want ____________.” Make it something you really do want. And then, can you then say, “I intend to know/experience/understand/be/do ___________________” That is the question.

Intention clarifies experience. Intention moves your realities. Intention is your tool. Intention is your raw material, and from it, all else flows.

In great grace, honor and love, this day and in all days.


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