DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Dance Floors” 3-10-16


Dance Floors” 3-10-16



In this cosmic dance of life, there are many dance floors, many places to experience ecstatic aliveness, and we tell you that this is the mundane, we urge you to consider that the mundane is anything but. Perceptually, the peaks of experiences are as necessary as the gullies, in that, with each new expansion, what was dark is exposed as more light, hiding, in masquerade.

This concept of switching, flipping, we will discuss further, as many are experiencing a natural cliff, a simple enough energetic, but we wish to comment.

WE tell you now that changing amplitude, tone, vibratory state, these are all ways to look at what has been occurring for you on the cellular level, indeed, as well as in your life events. WE caution you to assume fractals exist, and by fractals, we are referring to perspective shifts, and that is all.

There is a tone, a pitch, a note that each individual holds, understanding as we do that sound indeed is necessary for the mechanical aspects of your physical reality. Sound is an energy, a consciousness, and as such, it is cooperative. We tell you “things” have consciousness to remind you that you live in an animated universe, a world alive with and through will, through the force of self expression, self knowledge. We tell you that the self is the seed, the tree, the all, and yet, do you not understand that each, each, every and each human being, plant, building, animal, each have this degree of sovereignty here.

Holding oneself sovereign is, of course, a theme we have imprinted onto the channel, and one which needed few prompts. WE caution many of you to simply acknowledge your rebellion, and by noting it, and by asking questions and using your own perceptive skill, you will perhaps come to see that not all are endowed equally in this area.

We have shared only half of an equation with the channel, and we wish to end by bringing in a discussion of her consciousness. WE find this is helpful to her and to others. Seylah.

Inner sovereignty is innate. IT is innate. It is innate. WE cannot stress enough that your natural state is one of full appreciation and compassion toward self, toward creator, as these are interchangeable terms. Arguments you may have with your circumstances are ways in which to discover your resistances, your disbelief, your areas of dissonance, brought on by the inevitable clash which must occur when one is breaking from social, familial and internal expectations which make a beloved’s soul wither.

WE tell you that rebellion, it is nothing more than seeing without scales. Without fear of death. Without attachment to time. Is it not salient that you cannot think in linear terms with great ease? Do you not think that all things are meaningful, there are no accidents? If this is so, and you cannot find yourself easily in time, in linear events, and are having a bit of trouble holding your own against the onslaught of physical sensory reality, we ask you to hook in and let pull you along, your greatest friend, your closest adviser, your rebellion,

We tell you that rebellion can be fueled by many things, and as long as it has fuel, it is being used to complete biological programs which the entity has agreed to experience. Rebellion which is organic, and not felt as a rebellion, but as a logical and desired behavior, organic and innate to the individual, this is the heart of rebellion. The rebellion which moves nations, while they are under construction, we say.

We tell you that often, so often, the concerns you hold in the front of your consciousness, your immediate filters, they may be of any ilk, but the fewer there are of them, the filters of paranoia, of victimization, of knowing self as separate, these valid and true experiences are not experienced as greatly when the lenses are removed, when the filter is taken away, when the expectations are examined, when the thought, the very concept of fear based expectation is challenged, then we tell you, it is as if one is taking off layers and layers of darkness from the glasses they have on their heads. If each are seen as having filters, as this is a very human condition, then can we not see that as expectation of loss, of failure, of humiliation, of vengeance, of refusal, these are shades of darkness which obfuscate vision, and their removal is done through intention, awareness, willingness.

The channel understands, now, that she has no thing to turn back and relive. She has figured out that in choosing to return to past endeavors, to revert to past selves as primary, this is energetically not possible. She understands that there simply is nothing to go back to. She has repeated this phrase for days, she has heard such sentiments from many souls, and we wish to comment, and to close.

Wanting to “go back to” something, we ask you to listen to the language. Going back to an activity or expression once held dear, this is a common practice in humanity. Can you see it on your television, the consciousness? One murder turns into a spree, because the base act is repeated in visuals and commentary, over and over and over again. As if humanity cannot get past the intense, colorful, engaging experience of conflict, of feeding and fueling and living within it, as a source of fun, of learning, of growth.

Going back to” something familiar, sometimes this is quite helpful, if, perhaps, for example, your great love of knitting, or your peace through going fishing is recalled, and you decide to do it again. See here that doing it again is not going back to it. It is doing it new, fresh, with new skills, new understandings which you did not have the last time you took up your needle and yarn, or a fishing pole.

It is quaint and it is understandable and it is standard operating procedure to want to stay within or go back to that which you once found pleasurable, successful, enlightening, enlivening.

However, it is a false notion, and one which creates a certain level of chaos, simply due to not understanding the physics of reality construction.

What this means for you, dear reader, and our beloved scribe, is to understand that, as a linear construct, you are gaining skill, awareness, knowledge, even wisdom, each hour, so to speak. Your soul is unchangeable, as it is vast and all encompassing. However, your personality is such that without change, without a casting off of beliefs which no longer serve, habits, thoughts and expectations which no longer serve, you are indeed choosing darkness in your lenses, and you are not naturally and joyfully allowing your life to unfold.

Those who insist on things not changing will experience all manner of circumstance which will help them to see the things they are holding in their arms making it impossible to embrace their beloveds. It is a pulling away of old expectations which creates new experience to grow from fallow ground, charred earth, decimated land.

WE as asking you to love yourself, respect and honor your SELF, and by so doing, understanding that the fears, beliefs and expectations you hold do indeed guide your life, but we state, as we leave, that there is a greater validity at work, a bigger movement afoot, and this dance, these dance floors are beginning to fill up with party goers rather than those who wish to sit in folding chairs, against the wall, lining, ringing the floor, watching. More and more chairs are emptying. The music is inescapable, the beat is infectious and the feeling is so true, so good, so right and so clear, once an individual even considers movement, the movement has already begun. WE wish to capitalize the last, but we will not.

WE invite you to dance with us, today and in all days, in joy, in love, in ecstatic realization of your power and worth, and the eternal validity of your expression. Dark glasses need not ever be removed, blind or sighted you are loved beyond measure by a force which animates you. You are so powerful, you can even trick yourself into believing you posses no power! WE are in gratitude for your love this day.

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