DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16


Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16



I am announcing, with this post, two new endeavors.

First, I am now going to write another volume of channeled work. It is time to let them discuss energetics, reality construction, physics and the implications. I am at peace with them needing to come through, and I find their information reliable, helpful, funny, enlightening and necessary, at present.

Secondly, I am announcing that I am now doing private and group channeling and readings. Please contact me at for details. Quick turn around time, reasonable rates, and I barter.

And, to explain, I channel a group who are The Council of Twelve.

And so to begin. WE are pleased the channel is again within our field consciously, and we wish to explain this mechanism further.

While it is true that channeling is an artificial separation, and an objectification of that which is personal, we understand that if the entity, the person, has not considered it possible, being larger, having access to very clear information, answers, yes, this is not possible to access if it is not held within the belief structure that the human being has internal strength, so much so that a conversation with its source is indeed possible. We say that it comes down to esteem and it is a flimsy construct. We urge you to consider your soul’s validity. Consider this. Do you have a soul? Does this soul have a purpose beyond your daily worries? If so, what is it?

For those who have the answers which inevitably come through exploration, we say that there is a maturity which occurs, and this maturity is inherent in the system. It is past time for assigning outcomes you would have preferred not to experience as some sort of indication of internal worth.

And so, simple reality construction does come down, simply, to what the individual holds as possible.

If this is so, then, we pose to you a question. If it is true that what you experience in daily life is a product of what you consider possible, have you sat down quietly, breathed slowly and deeply, and simply ASKED what is possible in your own life? Simply sitting down to feast on a banquet of possibilities is a grand and true way to bring into your awareness and your daily life further adventures in relating, in being, in knowing and in doing.

WE have been working with the channel this day on the request she made and the body habitus response she has indeed received over the night time.

The question, the request, was a simple one, and due to the relative profundity of the question, culled cleanly from her most current experience, we share now this portion as a flash point for others. The channel does not mind. We allow her further exit. WE adjust.

The channel had intuited, quite correctly, post eclipse, that she was now wishing to, and requiring, reorientation of her energetic stance. She understood herself to be pushing, and she felt this as a stream of data and images which she was physically finding costly. And so, with this understanding, she asked to have her energy “flipped.” She understood she was leaning in so far that she was not in balance.

WE have adjusted her fields accordingly and this morning she is thinking thoughts that catch her unawares. And so, enough with explaining an internal process, and we say these descriptions so that you, our beloved reader, can understand how another individual is working with herself, and that is all. The essence is the flip, the switch, and it is this we now discuss with no further personification, as this is preferred by the channel. Seylah.

The physical body is a biomagnetic, electrochemical vehicle which is overseen by a greater intelligence than humanity will give it credit for, at the moment. It must be intuited, that there is a general mind, there is an overall discussion going on between source and human, which allows the human being to animate the cellular structure.

As such, magnetics effect the vehicle at a cellular level. Magnetics change the way that nutrients are used and stored, what the body discards and what it recognizes as valuable. This is physics at its most cooperative level, and the beauty of the unlanguable language used to guide your respirations and blinking alone is boggling.

As such, we caution you to understand that there are other rays, nutrients, radiation also available to you, and it is actually these that are assisting in the balance many are requesting. We recognize that the power of the energetics has been such, over the past many months, which has postured you for what is now arriving. You are well prepared to be thinking these “new” thoughts.

The issue is, we tell you now, one of listening, of attending, of observing, of allowing.

We remind you of the low thrum which was coursing through your blood as late as last night, an interference which made it impossible for certain thoughts to be held, we assure you.

We say that energetically, it is possible to consider the two legs of the human, and the two arms, as ribbons of DNA, laid flat and readable. That is true, in its simplest form. As such, healing can be effected by simply seeing the DNA pieces coming together, running smooth through legs and arms, and a core helix pulsing though the core of the vehicle. It is helpful in integrating, because we are needing to explain that this balance, this shift, is one of masculine and feminine of male and female, or push and pull, of do and be. We tell you that the push forward is one which is absolutely necessary, and although for some observers of this clan, they have had much trepidation in observing the shifts and changes, however, we are saying that with the desire to integrate, to listen, there comes an innate balance which allows a resting point, a center point, a null zone of perfect balance, and this is physical, it is one of consciousness, and it can be FELT in the body, with ease of breathing, heart in alignment with breath, the vehicle running smoothly.

Male and female energies can be thought of as poles, as colors, as high physics, because they are a cooperative, entangled energy which is, of course, complete in each vehicle, but which seeks expression through contrast.

WE have begun to explain that this is a time for integration, for allowing the intuited its say, and for making room in every day life for this intuition. It is not enough to have strong understandings. We ask you to consider listening, and then acting. Acting. This creates experience, and it is this integrative and integrating physical experience which is desired by many at this time.  It is then important, at this time, to simply acknowledge the experience. One must not do anything; one flows, one allows. And simply by acknowledging the reality, the reality is further realized.

WE are gratified to be among you again.

3 thoughts on “DEEPLY AWAKE CHANNELING By Kathy Vik “Switching Energetic Orientation” 3-9-16

  1. Oh the flip! Tell me more about that. The last day of emotional flaring last week, as I went to bed, I saw myself (very Laura Croft again…lol) take a lever and flip over the entire game board of my life. I felt more myself after that moment and have been pondering that image.

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  2. Reblogged this on Redefining Meditation and commented:
    I enjoyed this very much, not only for the physical body info that came through but also for the switch or flip as she calls it. At what turned out to be the end of my emotional flaring experience last week, I saw an image of myself pulling a lever and flipping my game board of life over. I have been pondering the image ever since.


  3. Thanks for this. I think this is just what I need to feel “righted”. It’s amazing how the examples of others are the tipping point for oneself. I do appreciate your work, and sharing! Thanks Esther, for letting me know about it!

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