DEEPLY AWAKE Channeled Message By Kathy Vik “Gratitude’s Mother” 12-23-15

DEEPLY AWAKE Channeled Message By Kathy Vik

Gratitude’s Mother” 12-23-15



I wrote a four page essay, and then my laptop froze. I restarted it when a simple fix was not possible, and the essay has been lost. It’s not common for that to happen.

As I booted up the computer, I was told that the vision I had in April of 2014, the one that is coming to fruition now, I didn’t write about it then, and I am not to write about it now. I see why. It’s to be explained at another time. And so, I will tell you of just a couple things, now back to simple and quick coffee talks, having walked through what we all walked through over the solstice.

I think we all went through a shift together over the solstice. I am so different, and it’s so freaking organic and comfortable, although it feels a lot like how it is when I am learning a new car or a new purse. I feel like I have ownership of something spectacular, something I am only now beginning to comprehend is the biggest adventure of my life.

I have been reading about this on the web since the weekend, and I have spoken to many people who are also experiencing it. I am aware that there are many who want to feel relief and who do not. And I am aware, too, that many are so oblivious to these shifts as to find it appropriate to make fun of them. It was that audience that I thought ran the show, because up until recently, they did. Not anymore. See now how haters are beginning to look more and more ridiculous, more and more histrionic and childish?

I have been working very well with the law of reflectivity, and it has shortened my time in understanding my reality. I understand that things come back to me in feeling tone, as I put them out in feeling tone.

I can see how expectations themselves cover whole swaths of reality formation, and although they are easily removable, they do need to be acknowledged and removed.

I think the most important thing to say now is this funny thing I have noticed about gratitude. I have a ring on my finger that has that word engraved on it. That is because this function of gratitude has saved my life, brought me back from bad things, and helped me when I feel sad, too. Gratitude, I understand, is truth, and when I am unable to feel it, I understand that I am not in my truth. Sometimes I hang out in my not truth for days, and that’s fine, but, gratitude feels better.

There is more to gratitude that simply thinking on things that I love, though. I see now that to really construct reality well, to have fun with it and do it more purposefully, it is imperative to be in realization of my blessings. Not simply to be able to recite what makes me feel happy to be alive, no. It’s deeper. It’s being able to chuckle as I get into my car, reflecting on this or that event or thought. It’s understanding as I make that left hand turn that I am going somewhere where they are looking forward to seeing me, that I am leaving somewhere I was welcome, and more, I like where I was, and where I am going. I am in accord.

I was not. Now that it has stopped, I realize just how much screaming I was doing, how unhappy I was, how angry I’d been. I see it, and I shrug, and I smile, and I go on my way, now. Yep. That was me. Sure glad I stopped hollering so much.

But, see, I did not just stop hollering. I did what I needed to do to not be so offended all the time. I stopped hating myself for my reaction, and I changed the game.

I am left knowing that where I am going is where I have always wanted to go. I know that the healing that made this journey possible is done with love that cannot die, can only flourish, can only sustain and strengthen me. There is only gratitude for what brought me here, and there is only peace for what takes me hand and walks me home now.

I know we have come through, and I know this is synchronized. I know that others are with me, because I can feel you. I can hear you, and it feels good to know that I really am not going anywhere that is not littered with friends. This was, at one time, only a rare thought, then just a suspicion. It became hard evidence when I let it, and since then, it has simply become my way of life.

I am aware that what I have done not everyone has, or will. I know only too well that I can love with my entire heart and still this energy, this walk I am on, will be rejected by some. For most of my life it was rejected by everyone. I didn’t tell a soul about this stuff, and I was more than willing to take on their shame and fear.

Opt out, opt in, this is the time. Fence sitting is over. The door has been knocked off the hinges, and some of us are in the filed it leads to. We are dancing, laughing, eating, smoking, talking, relaxing. Finally, we are relaxing. Oh, there is much work to be done. But, anymore, I feel like we are looking at each other and smiling, telling each other in no uncertain terms that now, we have each other’s backs. It’s happening at work. It’s happening in my personal life. It’s happening all around the planet. Now is the time. Now is our time.

Join us, as you wish. We aren’t going anywhere.

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