DEEPLY AWAKE COFFEE TALKS By Kathy Vik “Happy” 11-7-15

“Happy” 11-7-15

My facebook feed today is just wall to wall channeled stuff about the 11-11, and, yes, there are pictures of cats, but, there is that feeling in the air, once again.

I am noticing a pattern here. Today is Sunday, And I am committed to producing something daily, but today I just want to stroll. I just want to do what I want to do, so, I’m going to talk esoterics. You can turn off this path at any time. It’s ok.

I have been enjoying watching Kaypacha Lescher’s weekly Pele Reports on youtube. He gives an overview of what is happening celestially in the coming week, and then he just talks about it, the meanings, the feel, the work ahead of us. He understands what we are trying to do, and speaks clearly, and lovingly, and with great humor. And, funniest thing, I’m synched up.

Just like with Kryon, often, when I hear these guys, they are explaining things that I have been going through, and know instinctively are important. They are, in other words, very handy guides, who pop in when I am at crossroads, and when the path appears overgrown. Just a few folks, they feel safe and they are trustworthy to me, and I let them stride in with their machete and chop down the vegetation that obscures my next little bit. It’s nice.

So, I feel an organic rhythm with some writers and healers, and then, with others, not so much. In 2012, as things began to shake loose, I was a voracious reader, and had many people whose work I followed. Lots of things resonated, and I was in bliss for having found, one day, that everyone was suddenly talking about things that, it seemed, moments before were verboten to discuss. It was uncanny.

But I have settled down, and now the work is more focused, and highly independent. I trust myself more, as the authority, and I feel, now, that I have trusted advisers. No longer a student, but someone who knows to seek the finest counsel at the times her heart is unsettled.

As a child, I recall a big group of us kids getting together in the evenings, when the song was popular, and creating a dance routine to the Fifth Dimension’s Age of Aquarius. We were living just blocks from where I now make my home. And I remember being full of hope, singing those words. I am not sure if the words meant anything to my playmates, but they meant a lot to me. I felt hope, and a certain pride and certainty, singing that song. “When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

I have talked about how songs are time capsules, and how I think it is possible to talk with ourselves over time, and give and receive love over the lines that songs make in the very air. That song helped me, has always helped me, and it still makes me happy, because a part of me knows it’s true.

I had a vendor hang around in my office on Friday. For some reason she just needed to talk. She noticed the Cosmic Dancer statue on my desk, or something, and off we went. It turns out she had a conversion in 2012, discovered a new healing modality, and her life has never been the same: better, more vibrant, more balanced. This shining, happy, old soul, just beaming with her new found skill. It was a pleasure to witness.

I told her, yes, things are so lovely now, and it has been a long road. She nodded enthusiastically as I commented on the changes I see. I told her, conveying to her my sense of surprise and pleasant surprise, that people are finally receptive to me. I still contend that, yes, I have changed quite drastically, but so has everyone else. People who would have been closed to me, smile at me. And it happens all the time.

I told her, I know I was grumpy, but my grumpiness doesn’t account for what I see. It’s like things have opened up and the lights have come on.

And she is right there with me, smiling, nodding enthusiastically, and saying Yeah!

To her, and to a lovely man I met at a weird party just a week ago, I have said the same thing. You needn’t do anything. Just choose your pleasure, but, just by walking around, you’re helping. Just hold that light and remember it’s there, and that’s all that anyone needs you to do. It’s simple. Change by breathing in and out, help by smiling, serve by being calm. They nodded, smiled, knowing it was true, knowing the worst is, finally, over.

And that’s how I feel, all the time now. Yes, I am a crier, and I am very emotional. I feel everything, and I have come to understand this is a choice I make, a way to encode and decode information, and I think it might be something I can regulate a bit, now. But I like my emotional nature, and that I feel through life. I am not going to change it, just modify it so it works better for me.

And I see these posts too, and they are the ones, now, that I resonate with and repost. The ones that talk about living this stuff. I am less in need of information on how the hierarchy works, what might happen to us on some lofty sky-god level. It is important, and it is necessary for some, like me, to get into all of it, to have guides with names, and a hierarchy in which they operate. But I don’t need that anymore.

My church is that of the other, and of self, and of gaia. I love, and that is my purpose. I exist, and that is enough. If I walked around hating everything, I would be allowed, and it would be fine, but I don’t.

I told my sister last night, one of the hardest things for me to shake this lifetime has been this sense of paranoia. Bouron pointed it out, so off-handedly, oh! It was beautiful, but, it hit home, and yes, I have a bit of paranoia in my bones. I can see it and love it now, when I become convinced things are unfriendly here. Oh yeah, that’s just my paranoia. It works better, and it’s more loving and less scary. She nodded, thought about it, said yeah, I can see that, and we moved on, to other topics, other grand and true things. Oh what a night we had, and how grateful I am this morning for every single loved one in my life. I am truly blessed beyond measure. There are no enemies in my world anymore, because there none inside me anymore.

And so, this day begins, and I have once again written. I feel better when I write. It took a long time to get right. But I am better now. I am happy.

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