DEEPLY AWAKE By Kathy Vik CHANNELED MESSSAGE, Great Central Sun, 6-9-15


CHANNELED MESSSAGE, Great Central Sun, 6-9-15

Dear ones, we come to you today in love for your being part of this grand event in consciousness.

WE tell you now of worlds which you may only be tickled by, distant memories perhaps, to some. This is less an effect of temporal memory and “not remembering.” we tell you now it is more accurate to state that there are frequencies which simply could not be accessed prior. It is not due to assumed human frailties that you have had dips and twists in your current realities, and much confusion, and, for many, a new strain of music coming through as well. No, it has to do with receiving, with receptivity, and willingness.

We tell you of worlds which spin through your very fields, and remind there is not within, no without, as the veils part and understanding is strengthened.

Examining the emotional impact your choices create in your field, in terms simply of thoughts, is, we reiterate, essential for peace, and yet, we will remind you that many are far on the path, and they understand now that examination is to be tempered with great compassion. As perspectives become larger and compassion grows, we tell you this is the place the magic comes from. Turning one’s eye, in a critical fashion, toward self, will garner a less enjoyable experience, simply put, because it is not based in the truth of your worth.

Many in your tribe have been visited, awakened, shall we say, in recent days, to a splendor that was, as you have come to see, quite available. Feeling this value has naught to do with works, with pleasing your others, yes? It has to do with understanding your self.

Many have and will find that examination with flagellation is no longer helpful, in other words.

Who can tell what you are capable, once the overlays of fear are loosened. Fear, our loves, will be an issue until it is no longer needed, and that is all. Much of the fear model is still used simply because it is familiar, and this is what many are rejoicing in finding replaced with something else, something more.

WE tell you that what is real and what is not is as much camouflage as your earthly vessel or your identity. WE tell you there are levels, levels from which only certain things can be ascertained, understood, and met. As assumptions fall, so do the sensations of panic, desolation and dread.

To say that these experiences, the trying ones which allow you to question your worth, these are not bad things, but instructive, and their mission is merely to remind you of your worth. Your worth as a soul, as an entity , and as a light.

Clearly, due to the nature of your reality, there will be disagreements as to worth, purpose and function, as well as meaning, from time to time. Look, we ask, for the in congruences. Look, we pray, for the joyful moments, the tingle of excitement that is sparked with some thoughts. Do you notice that holding one reality in mind creates a feeling state, and holding a different reality in mind creates a different feeling state? You may encounter this when choosing a movie to watch. Feeling the title through prior to engaging is one way to test whether this or that bit of another’s consciousness will do you good or not. Yes, it is possible, and yes, many already do this all through their lives, their days, their thoughts fluid, their abilities applied successfully, fruitfully.

WE ask you to remain untroubled with your various sadnesses and issues. Each have conundrums and each have choices, daily, hourly, moment to moment, choices.

WE are to remind you now of our presence, and our availability.

WE understand there are many times when you believe yourself alone, and our assistance absent. Then come the bootless cries, and the pain of separation, and we tell you, it is voluntary. It is an illusion. It is the experiment. It is duality.

We have never been absent, and yet, much was not able to be done, until this time.

And so, we wish to apply balm to the ones whose burdens have been great, in ways they cannot speak, for there are many on this planet who have been sent to feel much, and transmute all. They are the ones who are at times not able to find solace in groups, and who cannot feel welcomed in a crowd. They labor under a false belief however, and we wish to discuss this.

WE tell you that there is a layer you forget to include in your view of physical reality.

Imagine there is a layer, riding above your heads, a thick and staticy layer of electricity, is perhaps a good way to fashion this analogy. See that each have a cord , or better, a pipeline, to this layer riding above.

What appears as white noise and static, it is indeed something more. Understand that you are experiencing thoughts and choices in linear time, and much is hidden, so that the choices can be true to the purpose of the, we hesitate to call this an experiment, anymore, so we will use the word experience. And your experience is a result of choice, and your choices are a result of consciousness, of what is, to you, available and what is not.

Until it is seen, until one experiences this in physicality, there is no good way to explain verbally. We tell you of moments when things were one way for you, and then, they were another. Have you had this? If you are a human incarnate, yes, you have.

We tell you of the flip, we tell you of the switch, the tweak, the change, that comes about simply with being aware of more.

And, you see, this becoming aware of more, although a choice as well, it is a soulic choice.

And so, it is important to distinguish that which is in your conscious control and that which is not. To think you have control over mass and group realities is true, and it is false.

Remember what you bring, energetically, to each interaction, each choice, each thought, you have. You are, for the most part, still unaware of your roles, and your greater identities. And this is purposeful, of course.

However, with the lightening and loosening of planetary and galactic energies, and with the opening of time capsules, which, in truth, many of you are, you will note that choices on the physical, and control of outcome is very much changing.

And so, we ask that you find peace with the things and circumstances which you have hidden from yourselves, and to laugh when you feel the fear of the unknown. Even the unknown is purposeful, dear ones, and integral to your joy in linear time. Have you not already deduced this?

And so, in closing , we ask you to consider a different way of perceiving that which you are living, experiencing.

WE remind you of the joy there is in concentrating on joy. Do you know that jolt, the one that runs through you when things work out very well indeed, or when you get what you believe is best for you? Have you had that?

Many have found this to be helpful in gaining balance, when lowering of consciousness takes place. We remind you that there are dips in consciousness as there are dips in the ocean, sells and waves and gullies, and so, reminding you of the motion of your watery mother, be at peace with your confusion, understanding it is simply a part of the whole, and nothing that is permanent. Integral, perhaps, but, this is an important moment to clarify a thought:

Can you not relax, when you are squeezing through moments which are restrictive and constrictive? Can you not see that, in darkness and feeling this pressure, you are but being birthed?

WE tell you this is true, and remind you that there is indeed actually a sequence that can be appreciated with many peak experiences. However, energetic geometries are less necessary to reveal than how they present to human consciousness.

Patterns can be appreciated, and we tell you this word pattern, it is vast. A pattern is perhaps best seen as a mandala, and we bring your knowledge of your loved ones, the crystals.

A crystal, a stone, is such because they hold a vibratory rate, and then express it in physical form. Their purpose is to hold energy, to balance and enliven and connect the planet, you see. They each, each play a role, and each have a consciousness. And yet, they have functions which are hidden, simply because they are not thought about, or explained.

Do you see?

They are here to show you the beauty of form, and to demonstrate that vibrations do indeed have manifestations which are immutable. And all stones, you are aware, are beneficial. There is no such thing as a malevolent crystal. They shirk the tom foolery of the dark, and shine, pulse, glow, we tell you, throughout your world.

Their presence can assist you in that each hold vibrations which are of assistance to the physical, and yet, they cannot be properly applied without their cooperation. They do have will, certainly any crystal owner knows this, but they also have agreements with humanity, with individuals, in temporal space.

They remind you of the value of pitch, and tone. Of striking a note, a vibratory note, and then, the creation of form.

Yes. The little stone on your desk, in your pocket, around your neck, they have much to teach, you see, much to say. Many are listening, and some are actually gaining knowledge from them in ways they did not think possible.

And so we tell you that expecting the unexpected, and understanding this notion of control is very old, and although at one time relevant, it is not now. It is not remembering the cloud that rides above, the one connecting all, one mind, one heart, one purpose. But these are not the little ones which confound and bend psyches. They are not choices about food stuffs or even living arrangements. No. They are greater than this, and are connected to others.

What you think is a melange of individuals at odds with each other, or situations which are ripe for conflicts, we tell you this is helpful to experience, but only part of it. Remembering your origins, and your abilities, your connection to a greater reality, one which you may appreciate as nonsensical, we know, this will assist you in seeing simple circumstance as energetic patterning and situational reality, all highly rewarding and completely subjective, we remind you now.

The mission is not to control, nor is it to command. The mission is simply to share, it is simply to suspend judgment, and it is to experience.

We leave you in love this day and ask that you consider yourself far greater in abilities than you have thought of yourself in the past. Do you see that as energy changes on this earth, you are too, and what was once appropriate can become meaningless, depending on vantage point, perspective, intent, yes, intent, always intent.

You are clean, have never been broken, and are eternal. Walk with this this day, and allow others their complete knowledge of the absence of your inner truth.

Love them any way.

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