DEEPLY AWAKE by Kathy Vik CHANNELED MESSAGE “Expectation as Veil“ 5-31-15


CHANNELED MESSAGE “Expectation as Veil“ 5-31-15

We must begin, as there is much to discuss this day with you, dear reader.

It is true, these times are those spoken of in ancient dialects, and the blueprints for its navigation already so much a part of you that , we remind you now, what it is you are reading, and whose words you read.

We sent the channel to her place of rest and growth, and the words Elysian Fields followed her to the white place of learning she agrees is best for her at this juncture. Both aged, well respected scholar and eager student there, still, in this parallel life she enjoys most.

We are of the sun, beyond and through it, and wish you peace this day.

We tell you of worlds turning, and eras being shed, entire consciousness structures now so paper thin and worn, a strong breeze it all that is needed to topple much of it over.

We ask you to examine the areas which are hard to manage, give you a strong sense of doubt, fear, sense of unworthiness, or anxiety. These are areas which are for your edification, areas which glow. We tell you the color of the glow is important, as is the pitch, the resonance achieved by any such conundrums you might experience along these lines.

We tell you of these things to remind you it is because of structures falling that you know the most unrest, the most unhappiness.

And yet, there is much more to explore here today.

We tell of the merge which the channel has requested be conscious, and therefore, she has resisted us. We have indeed been close, and we breathe her at times, heating up her chest with so much love she cannot believe she can manage all of it. We fill her with ease and rest and concord, accord, calm. And it may last for short bursts, or longer times, but, we are more present now.

We wish to explain.

It sounds much like a haunting, does it not? A personality, an entity, a human, being chased by disembodied voices, or forces.

We tell you it is much different than this.

There is a bias which indicates that a consciousness can be only one thing, and being more or other than the identified thing they are is a form of insanity, or disease, or sheer eccentricity.

However, we caution those with such judgments, as being able to see in a multiplicity of ways, a multiplicity of foci, is a gift, and one which will be seen as quite helpful, once people no longer take their lack of its mastery personally.

We tell you that the idea of shells, attitudinal shells of understanding and expectation and allowance, these shells are what are encountering stress. Does this make more sense?

These shells are ways in which the entity finds meaning within social structures, and within close and distant relationship. Some have great shells alone as well, beliefs or thought structures which make contemplating more, alone, simply not possible.

And so, we have asked the channel to puzzle upon it, and we have been silent has she has, the thought of how it is that human beings change at all, what moves people’s lives forward, what moves hers forward.

The last week has been one of profound revelation, and we speak of the family now, and we wish to address all in this transmission. There are many who have had profound awarenesses about themselves, their roles, their identities.

This will continue, and swell, we tell you, and become evermore refined, more managed and manageable. We tell the lot of you to relax, to strap in and enjoy, as many will see much in the way of change and growth, markers having been passed which were not so much broadcast as understood, by the group consciousness. Some markers are best felt, and not anticipated, and we leave this most recent shift to the cetaceans who work with you.

We hesitate to say much about them, but do confirm for them that they have felt, en masse, a change in the collective, and although cooperative, it is seen as one humanity has made, in loving support, and in great respect.

Those who wish for merge, for conscious merge, need only state this with pure intent. No classes to take, no prayers to say. The process is natural, and is part of your programming. Permission granted, the changes are automatic.

And no matter where on this path, that is and will remain the truth of it.

We ask, therefore, once again, what is there to fear?

To reveal to you that you are human angels, this is not so much of a stretch for some, now. They understand they have a mark, and they know they have a purpose which lies beyond what is being discussed by the masses. Something more essential to the dirt and the core of the thing, and yet, something, now, we are reminding you, this journey is a human one, and this is how we wish to wind this transmission down. With a story, and then, of course, a moral.

In a village made of stone, there live a crone, a hag and a shrew.

The crone had turned love into a frog, and it leaped and croaked for her, and never challenged her. Long ago she could not let this love burn through her, and turn her soft. Her fear turned into wicked curse. Her frog accompanied her everywhere.

The hag’s companion was her loneliness. Deprived of that which she prized most highly, she let her bitterness eat through her, turning her hard and brittle. She did not have a pet.

The shrew, she did have a pet, but it only brought her misery and disappointment. She was forever angry, forever dissatisfied, and forever screaming her truth, that none of it had anything to do with her, none of it was her fault.

These three, of course, had tea together weekly. They were a glum society, but, they enjoyed swapping stories. They liked that their stories were very similar, but that it appeared, to them, in the end, that the others had it far worse. Each left knowing that each was, after all, in a blessed and sovereign state.

One day a woman came through town, selling rags and fabrics, soaps and sundries. She enjoyed the company of the children, and she found herself then, in a group of village men, admiring her wares from afar, looking, searching her hair and her eyes for an invitation. The women hung back, but moved forward eventually. They crowded around the vendor, and dug into her basket, she, never missing a beat, keeping track of who had what scrap, no matter how loud the laughter and chatter got. She did it with good humor, laughter, and honesty. No one ever stole from her. They wouldn’t dare.

The crone, the hag and the shrew heard the commotion, and joined the others in the square with haste. They saw a jolly, colorful woman pointing at this and that woman, saying a number, and being handed coins.

Women began to clear the area, and the three approached the left overs. The vendor happily stashed coins in pockets and purses, tied to her bodice and her belt. She kicked at the basket in a friendly way, leaned in and pulled out the few remaining pieces of gingham and royal blue linen. There were a few pots of amber, and one of ambergris left, a highly unusual situation, really.

She explained to the three that this was her last bottle of ambergris, the finest she’d ever encountered. Would they be interested? Far more expensive than they could afford, but, perhaps a deal could be struck.

The women knew about perfume, the hag a master with her darkened bottles and syrupy oils. She pulled her friends together and discussed the opportunity. She’d long had a recipe which could only make her famous, bring her royal customers, so fine the essence, but it required ambergris.

It shouldn’t have worried the vendor, and maybe it didn’t, because the three women were industrious, and barren, and therefore quite wealthy.

The shrew returned with the money, from places unspoken, agreed upon, hidden. The deal was made.

We conclude the story here, and wish to explain why.

It is meaningless, in many ways, what happens next. Meaningless, in that, we may hope for this or that outcome for each character, but, that they chose to change their course is all that matters.

Note the willingness and the will, the means, the new element. What happens next will be different from that which came before it. Do you see? And the story goes on.

And this is as much what physical life is and can be than anything. Probabilities branch off of one another, and each choice impacts and allows for others. Simply put, what can be imagined is that which is available.

And so, for those with imaginations far exceeding average, how goes it for you? Those human angels whose DNA is coming on line, and whose bodies are responding with the most enjoyable displays of color and emotion.

WE tell you that help is not are from you now. We are not far from any of you now. It has recently been said that the veil has thinned, but the veil was seen as a curtain, obscuring your view. We remind readers of the transmission in which we fashioned it to being in a burlap sack, and little holes are being poked through the weave, and soon enough, the weave is thin enough to see through without effort, and, after that, popping out of the sack is just a matter of time and timing. We have discussed it as light coming into an eye mask, as well, burning off that which was obscuring sight.

And so, this is the idea, that what is more pleasing is here, it is available and it is tangible, but it is indeed riding along with other choices, with different agreement fields, and different emotional timbres.

We tell you that not one human being is doing their lives wrong, and this includes the channel, who finds this hard to believe at times, still. This comes from comparing, as well as being happy with being discontent and angry. It becomes a lifestyle, and can be called an addiction. It is fixable, and it is being fixed, and this is the point, you see.

There are maladaptive and unskilled behaviors, and those that are more prone to positive outcome and calm. However, these are not times which are always calm, and we caution you to not be tricked into thinking that a lack of troubles means spiritual attainment, and no troubles means you have not attained mastery. This is ridiculous. It is a false metric, lifted from ancient texts, and is not the way of ascension, and so, we caution you on this point.

Remembering that you have an organic basis, and are social creatures, and have sacred sexuality, and sacred humor, and sacred communication to enjoy, and given that you are part of Gaia, and not part of the angelic choir quite yet, we ask for the lot of you to mingle.

Can you not stretch your legs now, and are you not enjoying the feeling of spring air in your lungs? We see many bursting to live, to flower, and we encourage this in all, to whatever extent they are comfortable in their blooming. We have said before to fear not, that the time of rejoicing is here. We repeat ourselves, today.

The channel had an experience we wish to end with.

Today, upon leaving her home she had the channel Magenta Pixie talking about Pineal awareness. We were saying, understand that wherever and however your life is right now, know that it is in perfect alignment for you now.

The channel scoffed a bit at this, as she is wont to do these days. She locked her front door and remembered the neighbors had been screaming at each other for the last day and a half. Through the Pixie’s words, the channel listened for screaming. There was none. She returned to the sound of the voice, saying things which were soothing, and big, for the hallway, for the people living withing the other dwellings. Large, glittery thoughts which seemed unsuited for public display.

She let the words be delivered to her car. We allowed the connection in the elevator. It never stopped. The idea here is that it is now fine to broadcast your awareness, lips closed, eyes open. And without video playback, of course. The idea is these thoughts, these knowings, they are broadcast, they are felt by her fellow man, and there is nothing but permission now. No interference. And no response, negative or positive, we point out.

This is one way in which expectations are changed. Object lessons, we have called them, and they are plentiful in one’s life, unbidden or not, though clearly more cohesive if called upon, called for, and witnessed, and appreciated.

You are not alone, you are well cared for, protected, and guided. Let no one and nothing blot that awareness, now, and forevermore.


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