Our New Earth Gushes Red Light, And Now Runs With BLUE LIGHT.

Heavens to Betsy, this is such a meaningful, astounding, lyrical moment.

This is the old heart of LEMURIA, the highest place in the land. Unlanguagable ,the sacredness of what took place, long long ago.  It’s the peak of an almost unimaginably tall mountain, and meant much to many during a very sacred time in our human history, long forgotten, but related through Kryon/Lee Carroll, and others.

Before the floods, long ago, it was a special home to many awakened, and Now, awakening souls.  For many, this is a big wake up call, way down deep, in the bones, the heart, the DNA.

And Now, here she is, Mama Gaia, giving birth once again, demonstrating her wisdom and strength and unknowability…

It’s the blue light that got me, though. It’s been white for me, with a little purple and gold at times, but iridescent white, that’s visited me. But Just here lately, the last two weeks, my research leads me to people talking about blue creation light, with the white.

Oh boy. This is getting good.

Astrology for the Soul May 23, 2018

Spot on, today! Thanks, Kaypacha.



Kaypacha’s notes:

I am the rope in a tug of war,

Between the future and the past,

Stretching me out and opening me up,

To see my core at last.

Yup! No sooner do you talk it then ya’ gotta start walkin’ it, eh? Only the walkin’ takes more than the talkin’. It’s gotta come out of the imagination into the mind and then the mind has to kick the emotions into motion and they both gotta work together to get the body moving!

In between all those stages their exists different amounts of resistance ranging from simple inertia to old habits, fears, programs, and phobias……mostly based in the past (this life and previous lives). This is the evolutionary path! It’s not just closing our eyes, clenching our fists, and forcing ourselves to follow orders from the super ego.

To evolve is to feel the feelings, expand the consciousness with compassionate understanding of ourselves, others, and the human condition. Then we heal and become healers. It’s not about reaching the goal, but grasping the “process of becoming,” so we can share, teach, and make it happen for us all together.

Injoy the process!

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Huge new Titanic mandela effect Must Watch

This is weird. It’s fun watching these happen in real time.

First, there’s always that catch of fear. Oh my. Who did this? To what end? Is this good, or is this bad? What does this mean?

Then a quiet kind of kicks in, for me. That either way, it’s OK, and that the lesson here is to realize reality is subjective.

I consider how things would have gone within each set of outcomes, and feel into each.

The trouble with this one is at first it felt like a cover up to me. I’m convinced the sinking of the Titanic was the very first large-scale corporate atrocity, that the Olympic and the Titanic were switched, to avoid financial ruin. If THAT didn’t happen, what does THAT mean?!

That’s usually when I stop thinking. Then I smile, and feel happy for all the high strangeness.

What do you think?