Deeply Awake — A Galactic Human Talks About Home By Kathy Vik 4-16-18

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I really love it when I come to the screen with a little zing, excitement, giggliness inside, because what I am about to say I have never spoken, and it is so real to me, and so extremely “out there,” to some. When I consider breaking a silence I hadn’t even known I was complying with, oh my, that’s a favorite!

What follows is a remarkably succinct and honest explanation of what it has been like for me to seek “home,” to satisfy this inner queasiness, this unrest, because I never really felt good about “being here.” This kernel of discomfort, needing to know where or what home was, this led me far, and the video you are about to watch is the result of this life-long journey.

I include Magenta Pixie’s transmission entitled “Starseed Origins (Cosmic Timeline Jumping)” because it is a very dense and beautiful explanation of this process I have been reporting on, describing, living. The journey is the same, though we each treasure our own expression, and have come to cherish our collective Earth expression in brand new ways, through the ascension process.

For those in the crowd who like it when I go long and talk cosmically, this one’s for you.






As referenced, an essential transmission from Magenta Pixie:



Deeply Awake — Notes Of Hope, Heart, And Homecoming By Kathy Vik 4-14-18

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A soft and thoughtful presentation discussing what it is like to be on the other side of several health concerns, realizing that now, as strength returns and optimism is seen as highly appropriate, I have a brand new thing to welcome, a new life, and newfound hope.




Here are 4 ugly personality traits Trump supporters share with their beloved president

It’s a time in America when looking into the mirror and not liking everything you see is actually beneficial. Then comes the discomfort of cognitive dissonance .And then, hopefully, there is change. After all, Trump did win millions of votes, if we’re to believe the tallies.