Deeply Awake: Eyes Clearing, Momentum Growing By Kathy Vik 10-12-17


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A concise and upbeat, helpful chat on how things are feeling these days, realizing that there are some energetic truths at hand, the foremost being that there is love running through all things.

It has been a time of redefinition and reframing, regeneration and recommitment. It’s been less about standing witness to sparklies, miracles and impossibilities, but doing a sort of energetic sound-check for this next part, if that makes sense.

I hope this finds you light-hearted and ready for taking on new action, in a new way, in brand new awareness and energy.







National Novel Writing Month

Have you heard of nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month? It happens every year right about now… 

November is The Month Of Writing Dangerously. Writers from all over the world use November as their month to complete a novel of 50,000 words or more in 30 days. 

I wrote a book called Patrick Hears Voices ( in November of 2013, and it was a singular time in my writing life. Never before had I known such inner balance and peace, in many ways, and I completed it happily, honestly shocked at how fun, possible and enlivening it had been!  

Consider it, if you’ve always thought that book in your head deserves some legs, and a voice, and if you think those legs could sprint. 

My handle is HippieMuse. Join us, and look me up! 

Lena Dunham: Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of the Men


When we stay silent, we gag the victims. When we stay silent, we condone behavior that none of us could possibly believe is O.K. (unless you do). When we stay silent, we stay on the same path that led us here. Making noise is making change. Making change is why we tell stories. We don’t want to have to tell stories like this one again and again. Speak louder.”

Jayme Price / Areon “Authenticity”





An excerpt from Jayme Price’s new offering, which is perfectly timed and placed.


“Deservability is a key component for those with compassion becoming sufficiently empowered to allow their life force to stay strong enough to bring the passive force of Love into the active force of action and physical creation. The deservability (a feminine energy nurturance) creates a strength of flow for action (a masculine energy manifestation).

When action is connected to Love, you are utilizing the momentum of the subtle realm. The passive force of Love binds Life through resonance, which is another way of saying choice. That is different than the control of the physical realm.

Deservability creates a balance within, a mastery within.”



Avoidance Creates an Illusion that Breaks Easily by Jamye Price


Deeply Awake Check In & CHANNEL: Choosing Focus In A Quantum Reality By Kathy Vik

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An inviting, humorous and moving video which talks about re-framing and re-purposing, in this lifetime, now that a shift is more solid and complete.

I discuss The Prosperity Game, realizing I get to set the tone for my own thinking and experience now, and ways I have integrated all this new energy.

The channel stats at 12:05, and they blew my mind. I think the information is top notch and very helpful at this time. I feel buoyant now, and have a lot of hope, while feeling strong and competent. I hope this is your experience too.






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