Deeply Awake Essay and CHANNEL: My 12-12 Message And Their 12-12 Gift By Kathy VIk 2017

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This is a beautiful talk which concludes at 31:00 (approx), then the channeling begins. I reveal the last v=few meditations and visions and understandings I have had, leading up to the 12-12.

Their message is so powerful, I finished watching it last night without publishing, partly because of the length, partly because of the delivery, their choice of thoughts like brushtrokes, and because the strucutre was new to me, I hesitated.

However, the message, and the amazingly powerful energy delivered through the video has remained with me through the day, and I realize now how much I want to share it , as a gift on this day.

Saddle up! This one is all about ascension, wall to wall, and floor to ceiling, gang!






Tripping Over Joy

This poem, by Hafiz, moves me deeply. It makes my heart laugh. It reminds of those divine, light moments when everything clears, suddenly, and the once elusive truth is absolutely disarming, hilariously obvious, gloriously beautiful, and profoundly personal.

It’s then I know my god, and my life, to be full of goodwill and humor and love, so much so that nothing can be done but belly laugh.

Ahh, those moments ring into the earth, they never fade, and they’ve taught me, it’s this lightness in the heart that is real. It’s love.

And it’s so often, these last 5 years, left me with a sloppy grin, mind happily! willingly! toppled, satisfied and quiet. Then would come that native curiosity, that intention, that devotion to moving forward, but now in thanks, relieved, happy.

Tripping over joy. 

These last few years (especially) were weird beyond description, though I did my best, and for that I’m overjoyed and deeply peaceful, today. Deeply Awake has its own life now. I simply get to reacquaint myself, edit, and ready it now, but the work’s more or less complete. It’s a singular gift, glittering out there on the web. I love that image, that thought, that sense of being happy with my work.

❤ It hasn’t been all that smooth though, so, thank you friends, my family, who love, and have loved me. Not because of The Weird. Not in spite of The Weird. But who have accepted, encouraged, trusted and loved me, as I am.

There is no more powerful medicine in The Worlds. It is the truth, the way, and the light.

Thank you for bringing me home, sometimes dragging, sometimes convinced of doom, but always, it turns out, the truth gets revealed, and things break into love again. That has stabilized, and peace is being normalized, not just by me, but by many, in these days of transformation, revelation and homecoming.

This song is for my friend Nancy.